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Reasons to Move to Santa Rosa, California Why should I move to Santa Rosa?

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There are many reasons to move to Santa Rosa, California. The city is friendly and offers a variety of good jobs. It also boasts a mild climate with 300 days of sunshine per year. Its economy is largely based on the wine and beer industry. The people are also very friendly and know how to have a good time. So moving with Santa Rosa movers will definitely make it easier for you. Moving with professionals will mean that you don’t have to worry about how to pack and deliver things properly.

The city also has a great network of bike trails and public transportation. All public transportation vehicles are bicycle-friendly, and SMART trains have space for 24 bikes. In addition, most buses have room for two bicycles. While Santa Rosa has a low transit score, its walkability and bike-ability scores are much higher. As a result, you will be able to get around the city more quickly.

Weather in Santa Rosa

The climate in Santa Rosa is very variable. You can expect the average monthly temperatures to fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Generally, the driest months in Santa Rosa are July and August, with the wettest months in between. However, the average amount of rainfall in the wettest months varies significantly.

Santa Rosa has a moderate climate, with long, hot summers, and cool winters. During the cool season, the temperature rarely falls below 28degF, and it seldom rises above 96degF. The average daily temperature is around 79degF. The coolest month of the year is December. The hottest month is July, which experiences average temperatures above 60degF.

The perceived humidity in Santa Rosa is low. At about 90 percent, the air isn’t overly humid. It’s not uncomfortable. However, if you’re prone to aches and pains, you’d be better off staying indoors during the winter. Despite the relative dryness, Santa Rosa is still very pleasant to visit year-round. More details about the city are here.

Cost of living in Santa Rosa

The cost of living in Santa Rosa, California, is on the higher side of the national average. The proximity to San Francisco and the high demand for housing are likely the main contributing factors to the city’s high price tag. While the city is undergoing an ongoing growth process, construction has yet to catch up with demand. In addition, wildfires have destroyed many properties, driving up prices even further.

The cost of housing and utilities in Santa Rosa is more than twice as high. This means that consumers spend an additional 2.3% of their income than they do in other cities.

Tips for moving to Santa Rosa

If you’re thinking about moving to Santa Rosa, California, you might want to consider living downtown or in the Montgomery Village neighborhood. Both have walkable city centers. Unlike other cities, Santa Rosa has an extensive downtown area where people can go for lunch and shop. There are also some nicer neighborhoods to choose from.

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