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Top Twitch streamers who got banned and moved to YouTube

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Gaming and other lifestyle casters can create communities around a common interest on Twitch’s live-streaming platform. The platform is available in both free and paid tiers, granting users access to more advanced social media, the latter removing advertisements, streaming, and storage functions.

The broadcasters “broadcast” their games or other activity by allowing viewers and subscribers to see and hear what they are doing in real time on their screen. In addition, It offers a vast range of material for live and recorded broadcasts, including music, sports, talk shows, travel, and cuisine.

At any one time, millions of streamers are broadcasting live, and millions more people are tuning in to watch their favorite streamers play the newest video game releases.

Here are five best streamers who got banned.

➧Why IShowSpeed Get banned?

Twitch and Valorant have banned him permanently due to his controversial statements and conduct on his streams.

He has encountered difficulty on more than one occasion and has experienced many Red Platform suspensions.

After that, the talented performer permanently moved to YouTube, where he immersed over 7 million subscribers.


  • Name Darren Watkins Jr.
  • Profile Name: IShowSpeed or Speed
  • Age: 17 years
  • Date of Joining (YouTube): March 22, 2016
  • Net Worth: $500,000-$1 Million

Why IShowSpeed is so famous

The Youtuber is well-known for his “hot-headed” style and antics on Youtube, where he has managed to draw a following of over 11 million subscribers to his channel.

In 2021, things started to really pick up for the young YouTuber. Fans posted clips from his live stream, including those of his tantrums, to social media platforms like TikTok.

He went from 100,000 to one million subscribers in less than two months because of the popular videos and rants.

Furthermore, IShowSpeed maintained this high expansion rate, expanding from one million to 11 million users in just under 18 months.

➧Why JiDion get banned?

Online, his video became popular; Nick Kyrgios’ match against Karen Khachanov from the front row and getting a haircut, he was expelled from the US Open in September 2022.

During a quarterfinal match between Novak Djokovic and  Jannik Sinner, he made motions in front of the camera. Due to this act, he received the shortly Wimbledon ban, led out by security.

JiDion has also been permanently banned from Twitch for encouraging his followers to “hate-raid” popular streamer Pokimane.JiDion

  • Name: JiDion Adams
  • Profile Name: JiDion
  • Age: 21
  • Debut: Music Video: Tyrone Cousin (2021)
  • Net Worth $1 Million Date of Birth

Why streamer JiDion is so famous

THE YouTuber is well-known for his comedic flair, practical pranks, and replies. He went famous after his viral films featuring public shenanigans. After that, the 21 years old Youtuber got nearly six million YouTube subscribers.

In 2018, he started on YouTube, posting videos of himself playing games like Grand Theft Auto. When he began building his channel, British YouTuber KSI was an inspiration.

This developed into public pranks and reaction videos for which JiDion is famed. In numerous prank videos, he uses an air horn at a tennis match to amuse the Queen’s guards.

➧Why did Sodapoppin get banned?

The young has maintained his position as one of the top online stars after spending several years on this official website.

His extraordinary success can be credited to a regular upload schedule and game variety streaming.

In an eight-minute-long video, he told about his suspension. He had been banned from Twitch for no official reason


  • Name: Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV
  • Profile name: Sodapoppin
  • Age 28
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Debut Date 2D: 18-6-2021

Why is Sodapoppin so famous

The live streamer with the fastest growth is the 10th most popular streamer on the platform, behind stars like xQc, Ibai, and Ninja, with over 8.8 million subscribers.

The 28-year-GIRL old’s gaming streams, which feature a variety of multiplayer games, including World of Warcraft, are what makes him famous.

The famous star was introduced as the newest member of the Austin-based gaming group One True King on July 21. OTK primarily participates in World of Warcraft gaming competitions.

He eventually became one of the most popular Worlds of Warcraft streamers after switching to online platform. Sodapoppin most famously used the Feral Druid in PvP.

In the form of Survival Instincts and Barkskin, Feral Druids have tremendous damage-reduction capabilities. Although the 28-year-old will have a net worth of $5 to $9 million in 2022. He also ran his own merchandise business, making an estimated $1.5K.

➧The reason behind the 4Conner ban


One of the individuals identified in the 4Conner logs was streamer “Kayla,” who responded right afterward with an apology of her own. Soon after the incident gained attention, Kayla went on Twitter to provide her perspective.

Following the leak, Matthew “Mizkif” was compelled to evict 4Connor from his home and forbid him from remaining a member of the former’s unique, tight-knit streamer community.Why 4conner is famous

  • Name: 4Connor
  • Date of Birth 25 April 2002
  • Age 20 years
  • Height 5 feet 8 inches
  • Net Worth $5 million
  • Debut: Online streaming

What did 4Conner stream on Twitch

For those who are unaware, 4Conner is a well-known streamer. He frequently streams Rocket League and Among Us. In 2018, the 20-year-old gained notoriety after defeating a prominent League of Legends streamer.

The streamer’s logs recently appeared on Imgur. Following the release of the contentious records, 4Conner quickly expressed regret and said that his time in the streaming industry is essentially “finished.”

➧Why Pokimane is not streaming

Pokimane was sentenced to a 48-hour suspension for her first infraction on the live-streaming website.

She made a significant comeback with a lengthy 12-hour stream after being unbanned.


  • Age 26 years old
  • Date of Birth 14 May 1996
  • Full Name Imane
  • Profession YouTube Star
  • Known For: League of Legends video game
  • Film Debut: Free Guy (2021)

Why Pokimane is famous

Pokimane has allegedly been called the “most popular woman on live platform” in the past, and those who claim so aren’t exactly exaggerating.

Any has done very well for herself as one of the most well-liked streamers on one of the biggest platforms nowadays.

How good, though? According to some accounts, her net worth is between $1 million and $2 million. The amount, however, was rejected by Poki herself on that subject, therefore, it is currently unknown.

The 10th Shorty Award went to Pokimane for being the best streamer in 2018. Although she deservedly received the honor, which underlined her rapid rise on the streaming platform, there were other noteworthy developments for her in 2018.

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