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Instacruze : 7 Techniques To Get More Instagram Story Views

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To learn how to increase your views on your Instagram story, you have to understand your audience’s perspective. Instagram stories provide quick and easy details that your audiences are willing to learn from you. For example, you can use a story to show a quick snapshot of your brand, service, or product as an influencer or a business owner. In addition, your audience can see the raw personal content through your Instagram story that cannot be done in your feed.

An Instagram story gets more views when your profile has many active followers. Opting to buy automatic instagram story views allows your content to reach target audiences. Usually, your superfans and followers are in the loop with your Instagram stories. Here are seven effective techniques to go from low views below hundreds to thousands of views.

Get Rid Of Ghost Followers

Ghost Followers are the account with less activity from the account owner. The ghost followers are primarily bots, fake followers, or even people who followed you but didn’t use Instagram regularly. Even though these followers can boost your follower count, they have a terrible effect on your Instagram story views. Instagram’s algorithm instantly checks if your story is worth the time by showing the content to a few followers. When you have ghost followers, you will not receive any views, and Instagram ultimately stops showing your story in other feeds. The best way to stop the above scenario is by removing all the ghost followers from your account. When you seed the ghosts, your Instagram story views might improve drastically.

Quality Over Quantity

You might have repeatedly heard quality over quantity when you promote your content or brand on social media. That applies to Instagram stories, too, as your audience like to get informed about things through your story. Try and post more quality content rather than focusing on sharing a lot of fluff content that might affect the engagement time. Keep the details in your story easy to understand and neatly organized, so it makes people spend more time. Additionally, share yourself or your employees in your Instagram story to connect with your viewers.

Use Video Clips

According to recent research, people are more likely to engage with video content than written content. So share videos on your Instagram about you explaining new campaigns or promotions. Get your Instagram stories viral by utilizing instacruze and stay ahead of the competition on Instagram. Additionally, simply using a video post in your Instagram story will show a drastic change in your views compared to a picture story. Finally, your Instagram story videos should provide valuable insights about you or your brand, increasing your profile credibility. Share quality content such as product reviews, debunking misconceptions, short hacks, or even advertisements. In addition, you can promote a call to action to your followers through your video on Instagram stories.

Ask Poll Questions

Your audiences also want to be a part of your brand or content through Instagram stories. You can ask them for their opinions or feedback through an Instagram poll sticker on your Instagram story. Select the poll sticker after choosing a question and provide your audience with two options. For example, many artists today create a character and ask their audience to make a themed room for the character through Instagram polls. You can also engage with your audiences by asking simple questions like if they like a product or how they feel today. Including your audience as a part of the process will let you gain more views on your story.

Post At Peak Account Activity

There is always the right time to post an Instagram story so most of your audience can view them. Make sure to use a business or a creator’s account on Instagram to use the free insight feature provided by Instagram. You can find out the peak activity time in your account and schedule to post your Instagram story accordingly. Even experimenting manually on which time provides you the best amount of views through trial and error can help you find the right time. Also, you can make polls on which times are comfortable for them to engage with your Instagram story and work with the feedback in hand. Posting at the right time will drastically improve your story views on Instagram.

Share Comments

If you have a positive and engaging fan base, who sends you cute messages of engagement, share those screenshots on your Instagram story. On seeing their messages to you in the story, these fans will promote your account by sharing your story on their Instagram. With the above method, you can gain new followers who might have come to your account through your followers. At the same time, your audiences will feel appreciated and continue to stay your fan for a long time. Interaction leads to more interactions where potential audiences interact with you knowing you will interact with them.

Use Stickers

An extensive collection of stickers is available for you to use to make your Instagram story fun and interactive. Stickers such as polls, quizzes, or questions help you talk to your audience effectively. Also, stickers can increase your followers’ engagement in your Instagram story. The highly interactive stickers are polls, drag, questions, and quizzes. You can also use location and hashtag stickers to invite audiences through a familiar location or hashtag searches. Other cute stickers can make your Instagram story look interesting.

Wrapping Up

Quality content alone cannot let your audience feel connected to you or your brand. To increase the overall engagement, you must learn about your audience and communicate with them through stories. When your audience feels personally connected to your account, they become potential customers.

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