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Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Options for Bethlehem, PA Homeowners

Have you considered replacing your home's old wood or vinyl windows? Below-mentioned is a list of window replacement options.

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Have you ever thought of replacing your old windows in your home? With various window types, add-ons, and configurations available today, you can add features and styles to your home.

Thus, there is a lot to remember when selecting the right window style. Starting from shaping the amount of ventilation to all-important cost factors. Whether you remodel or build a new window, select the type of window that meets your needs for lighting, price, and function.

In this article, we will emphasize some of the important window replacement options available to Bethlehem, PA, Homeowners.

List Of Window Replacement Options

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Options for Bethlehem, PA Homeowners 2

Natural light is a popular selling feature for homes. So make a wise choice with your window selection that can be a great return on investment.

Below-mentioned is a list of window replacement options that will be a perfect fit for your home.

1. Double Hung

The window is designed with two sashes that will allow you to open both the top and bottom sections of the window. Thus, this key attribute will leave the homeowners with an additional choice of opening the window and the ventilator together.

Therefore, the double-hung window design is a traditional window that can easily enhance the decor of many homes.

Similarly, Tom Adams’s double-hung windows come in various colors and styles. It offers homeowners a new look that they desire. This window replacement company also installs impact-resistant and energy-efficient double-hung window models for customers.

2. Single Hung

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Options for Bethlehem, PA Homeowners 3

Single-hung windows look identical to their double-hung counterparts. These windows are designed with two splashes that allow users to open the bottom and top sections of the window.

Unlike the double-hung window setting, the single-hung is fixed on the top sash. This means only the bottom part of the window is operational. It is useful when you are located in a weather-affected area. This is because these windows are less susceptible to air infiltration.

3. Casement And Awning

Awning and casement are essentially the same windows you can install horizontally or vertically. Unlike the hung window system, casements open by turning the hand crack.

Therefore, the styles are commonly found in homes with windy and rainy climates, thereby allowing flexibility and security when it comes to letting in some fresh air.

Thus, one key benefit of this window replacement is its great access. If you use a window unit to cool your home in summer, you may not be able to install an air conditioner.

4. Picture Windows

The homeowners of Bethlehem should let in a great deal of natural light in their space. Moreover, they might want to show off significant scenic outdoor views, which they often consider installing.

Therefore, the picture window is a stationary window designed on a single pane that is ideal for spaces that need insulation rather than ventilation.

Tom Adams’ picture windows offer optional energy star glazing for added energy efficiency.

5. Acrylic Block

If you are looking for privacy, then think about acrylic blocks. This type of window comprises blocks created by injecting resin into molds of different sizes.

Therefore, these designs are common, and you can use them as privacy windows. At the same time, they can also be incorporated within interior walls and partitions.

However, acrylic block windows are available in both non-operational and operational designs. This is because of its lightweight design.

In addition, you can also create various designs, styles and add hoppers and slides to it.

6. Hopper

The hopper windows are a kind of the basement. Moreover, these windows are also known as the basement hopper.

Therefore, the window design offers a unique “inward opening” feature, easily accommodating areas with limited window space. It will be a smart choice if you have limited space.

7. Sliding

Instead of opening vertically like single-hung or double-hung styles, the sliding windows open horizontally by moving from one side to another.

Thus, this window style is popular in Bethlehem as they have the leverage to open a hung window.

Therefore, you can replace the regular window with a sliding window in your kitchen or install one over a washer or dryer.

They are not only easy to use but can also provide spectacular views of the outdoors. Hence, sliders are usually wider and offer an unobstructed view.

Avail Your Replacement Service Today

Thus, replacing old windows with new energy-efficient ones has several benefits.

If you live in a weather-affected area with an exceptional amount of rain and wind, you need to consider replacing them with these impact-rated products.

If you are thinking of replacing your window, check out the options mentioned-above and amend them today.

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