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The Main Myths About Online Casinos

Do you want to know the main myths about online casinos? Here are the typical stereotypes and misinformation that some modern gamblers believe.

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The Main Myths About Online Casinos

The modern gambling industry is progressing every year. Many gamblers can see the expansion of the range of services and the number of websites offering access to top-notch games. At the same time, the abundance of gambling entertainment is associated with certain risks due to the game of chance principle. That is why many online casinos are associated with fraudulent sites, and novice gamblers are skeptical even about reliable online platforms. But the devil is not as black as he is portrayed. Here are the main myths about online casinos that have nothing to do with reality.

Online Casino Games Are Rigged

Many young gamblers believe that online casino games are rigged despite numerous success stories. Fortunately, such a myth has nothing to do with reality. You have nothing to worry about if registered with a licensed online casino. All slots, table games, and other entertainments have a clear and independent algorithm for determining the winner. You have nothing to worry about since no one will be able to falsify the results of each spin. All online slots have a random number generation algorithm, so your victory depends only on the parameters set by gambling providers and your luck. In other words, no one will reduce your chances or interfere with your winning gambling session.

Online Gambling Produces More Underage Gamblers

Such a myth has nothing to do with reality, if only because you will not be able to register in a legal online casino without verifying your age. You must verify your age when creating an account and trying to withdraw money. Usually, casinos ask users to send a digital copy of their ID or driver’s license. That is why underage gamblers will not be able to play for real money or spend parental money. So this myth looks like nothing more than the prejudices of people who are far from the gambling industry.

You’ll Never Get Paid if You Are a Winner

They say online casinos love money and never pay winners. But such a statement looks like a joke since gambling platforms value their reputation. Imagine having a multi-million dollar business you have been creating for years. What will happen if your customers find out about your manipulations with winnings or account blocking? You will surely lose most gamblers as they find another online casino.

Take a look at the Internet space: tens of thousands of licensed online casinos offer the same games, bonuses, and promotions. If licensed websites start to cheat, competitors will do everything to lure the entire audience to their platforms. This is because the gambling industry does not have monopolists: everyone can bite off a new piece of the pie if a competitor hesitates. That is why most licensed casinos regularly pay out winnings, even if we are talking about millions of dollars.

The Games Freeze if You Are Winning Too Much

Some young gamblers believe casino owners use scripts that prevent users from winning. But licensed casinos cannot influence the results of your gambling session. Gambling providers do not provide access to the source code to any casino. That is why any gaming session takes place according to the general rules defined by the providers. In other words, you don’t have to worry about such tricks. In some situations, friezes, bugs, and stattors do not depend on the desire of casino owners to take all your money. Do not forget that casinos always have a stable income, so no one is interested in reputational losses.

Online Gambling Is More Addictive Than Live Gambling

There is no officially documented evidence that online gambling is more addictive than classic one. But, of course, gambling addiction is a real disease, and some people cannot control their emotions during gambling sessions. But most online casinos have financial limits and adhere to the principles of responsible gambling.

For example, if you start betting randomly and losing money rapidly, the casino will offer to make a time-out or limit your gaming opportunities for a certain period. In addition, the gaming principle used in online casinos is no different from classic gambling. That is why for the average user, there is no difference when choosing a place for entertainment.

You’ll Never Earn a Bonus

Here is another stereotype that haters love to use in disputes with gamblers. But this myth has nothing to do with the real facts described above. Casinos with licensed games cannot regulate any gambling parameters. That is why the frequency of falling symbols, bonuses, extra rounds, multipliers, and jackpots are activated by the math model developed by the providers. As a gambler, you have every chance to receive a bonus and enjoy your gaming session.


Haters actively peddle many myths. But these myths and stereotypes live on because of the prejudice against the industry. Casinos make good money and do not need to deceive gamblers for additional benefits. Likewise, the gaming industry is too profitable to lose loyal users. That is why most myths are created by people who do not know the truth.

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