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Earnviews: How Instagram Games Help to Boost Your Brand?

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For some good reasons, Instagram has become an indispensable part of our world. Therefore, it is vital for every business to use this as an eminent social media strategy. Adding to it, Instagram is a great place to interact with the audience, launch brands, and have fun based on their needs and moods.

Instagram keeps coming up with new features to help occupy the followers and enlarge your brand reach. Have you got tired of using the same method to promote your brand? Want to try something new to stand out from others? Check out the Instagram Games feature!

While it was mostly enjoyable for the user to play, you will be a bit awe-struck to know that it can also improve your brand reach in many ways. For example, you can create filters for your brand, which will be used in Reels, Stories, and IGTV. Using such methods, you can buy instagram story views and build your group for the brand.

Instagram Games

Instagram Games doesn’t resemble the games that you usually play on other social media platforms or games that can be downloaded on your mobile. They are more like challenges that are posted for your followers. It is an effective way to create brand awareness and find people genuinely interested in your brand.

Conversely, it is the right way for business owners to promote their brands because it is cost-efficient. You can also use this feature to create a trend that will help you break down your monotonous flow of feeds on the Instagram page.

If you are running out of ideas for content, it is a great way to keep your page and followers active. Games on Instagram take various forms, from conducting contests to challenges inviting multiple people, and then passed on along to friends.

How to create Instagram Games?

To make use of this benefit, you need to be a creative thought processor to design a game for your brand. Now, there are several ways to create your own game on Instagram like

  • Starting a challenge
  • Quick games on IG Stories with your followers
  • Posting games on your feed and getting them to comment on it.

It is essential that you need to get ready with your plan appropriately to achieve effective results. Here are some simple steps which will help you in the process.

Goal Setting

First of all, you need to remember and be precise about the reason why you are using Games for your brand. This will help you in proceeding with the further steps of the process. Next, your goal must be driving more traffic to your page and gaining followers. One way of doing this is to ask your participants to tag more people from their circle or get them to follow you.

This will work as it reaches new people knowing your content and products. Along with this, preferring Earnviews will expand your brand engagement and get more users, ultimately driving traffic for your brand.

Make It Captivating

Making your game captivating is crucial to winning customer engagement and increasing your brand’s reach. It should be fun to play to get people involved in it. Remember that their active participation evaluates the success of your product.

Think out of your box and find exciting ways to entertain your audiences. Then use them along with your brand to make it more intriguing. Your job is half done when you have a good idea of what game you want to create.

Mention Your brand

Ensure that you place your brand name and logo on all content that you post related to the game. Placing is not the only part that you need to notice. Also, check twice that your brand is visible to the audience; it should be the first thing they see. It is essential because it aids the users in knowing whom they need to contact in case of any doubts.

You can even create your hashtag and ask the participants to follow this hashtag. Then, use this hashtag as an entry ticket for your challenge. This will help you to track down your participation and performance. Furthermore, it will reduce the chance of missing out on any entries as it is all collected in one place.

Lure Your Audience

Give it a shot by letting your audience know what they will gain in your game. Besides that, you better be clear with the conditions and criteria of your game clearer. Giving away gifts, free goodies, or gift cards is one of the strategic ways to lure your viewers to your brand purchase.

Once you give away incentives to participants and reshare them on your Stories and Post feeds, your brand will eventually get recognized by the followers. Correspondingly, you may consider Earnviews to reach more views and strengthen your brand community.

Instagram Game Ideas for Brand Growth

The below-listed ideas are some games that never fail to impress the viewers. Without any shadow of a doubt, you can use this in your brand promotion.

  • This or That: This game never goes wrong. You can post two products and ask the followers to pick one and comment. It will help you to know them better.
  • Product Polls: You can use this game to evaluate your product visibility. You can even add a link using Instagram’s “Add Link” sticker.
  • Story Quiz: There are numerous ways to use stickers to occupy your brand presence. Posting a quiz is one among them. So use your creativity and make it fun-filled.
  • Ask Me Something Questions: Posting such questions on your story is the easiest way to engage your customers and learn about their needs and feedback.
  • GIF Challenge: Everyone loves GIF images. So you can create a theme and subheadings and ask the participants to fill in the blanks by taking a screenshot and adding it to their stories.

Wrapping Up

Instagram Games is a fantastic way to boost your brand engagement and increase your sales growth. So please take advantage of these features and use them efficiently for your business.

If you need more inspiration, you can always refer to this article to engage your audience with these evergreen ideas. Have Fun!

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