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Hesitating About Dental Implants? Here’s Why You Can Go for It

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The invention of dental implants is a boon to those looking for permanent solutions to replace chipped teeth, missing teeth, and other tooth problems.

Though dentures (false teeth) do the work and look like natural teeth, there are various issues that you face over prolonged use. Loose dentures, effortful cleaning, etc., are some of the issues.

However, with dental implants, you can have an ideal solution to all your dental issues. Whether it’s for cosmetic or medical use, implants are like natural teeth with a better appearance than dentures.

If you’re having missed teeth or want to align your improper teeth, then go for implants without any hesitation. It’s worth your time and money.

But if you’re still apprehensive about implants or feel like they’re costly – here’s why you should consider them even though they are expensive. It’s like a one-time investment with long-run benefits.

To get you started on implants, here are a few benefits that set your mind in the right direction.

Improve your smile and appearance:

Most people have teeth that are grown without any alignment. Also, most people have gaps between the teeth where food is stuck when they eat. The gap and improper alignment make it difficult for you to smile whole-heartedly as you fear judgment from others.

However, with implants, you can improve your whole appearance by setting your teeth right. Whether you have large teeth, a gap between teeth, or misaligned teeth – every cosmetic issue can be set right with implants. (Read here: What is cosmetic dentistry for better understanding).

You can have a beautiful smile and you can also laugh out loud without any doubt.

No speech problems like in dentures:

When you have dentures, they may slip with prolonged use. As they are fixed to the existing teeth, the adhesive might not stay long due to the wetness in the mouth. So when the slippage happens, your speech gets slurred. The words get out mumbled and you will have a hard time making others understand what you’re saying.

With dental implants, you don’t have to face this issue. As implants are fixed to the bone through a thorough process by professionals, implants are more fixed to the teeth than dentures. There will be no slippage as implants are strongly fixed to the natural teeth. This means there will be no speech problems and you can talk as you want.

Eat as you do with natural teeth

Dentures, if not fitted properly, may fall off your teeth while you eat. It can be tiring to fix them again and eat your food again. It can also be embarrassing and uncomfortable if you’re dining outside with friends, family or colleagues. However, with implants, as they work like your natural teeth, they don’t fall off easily while you chew normally. Unless you want to break the implants on purpose, they work like natural teeth and provide you with the same functionality.

Build your self-esteem

People having an open smile often feel conscious about laughing out loud if their teeth are not proper or have huge gaps between them. It can take a toll on self-esteem, especially when you have to participate or speak in social gatherings. Your confidence dwindles down each time you feel conscious about your teeth.

However, dental implants, which look and act like natural teeth, can straighten up the alignment and give a proper and beautiful set of teeth. It means that you can smile wholeheartedly without worrying about appearance.

More life than dentures:

Do you know that dental implants have a longer life than dentures? You have to replace dentures whenever they are broken because they are comparatively weaker than implants. They can get stained, broken, chipped, and may fall off after a certain period of time. And if are not taking proper care of them, they may get damaged soon.

Implants need only daily dental care and give far better benefits than dentures. They are strong, more natural-looking, and are attached to the teeth strongly so there is no fear of slippage. Though they are expensive, you can spend less to no on replacements and repairs in future which is not the case with dentures. Hence it’s always better to opt for implants.

Other interesting points about implants:

Anyone can get dental implants provided that they have strong gums and good oral hygiene. Also, people with diabetes and hypertension are not recommended to get these implants. However, those with controlled numbers of sugar and BP can get these implants without any problem.

However, for better guidance, it’s recommended to visit a dental professional to know whether you can go ahead with implants or not. Most of the time, you get a yes from the dentist as it requires minimum prerequisites.

With implants, you don’t have to face problems like cavities and other teeth problems. It means that you’d be saving an amount from it though it may not be much. But you can skip the hassle of repairing each time you get a cavity.

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