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Famous U.S. Islands: Where You Don’t Need a Passport to Visit

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Traveling is a way to enhance personal growth. People usually travel for pleasure. They love to relax and sip coffee outdoors on the sidewalk and have meals and shop. When you travel you step out of your comfort zone to a different environment which enables you to become more responsible and adaptive getting away from your home. It helps you to reflect on your life and learn more about yourself. You will see a fresh perspective of your future and what you want to achieve in life traveling helps open your mind by meeting new people and different cultures.

A number of people love to visit islands, but it is often expensive and difficult to visit. But it’s time to pack your bag, it’s island time.  You don’t need to venture as far as New Zealand or even Curaçao islands but the best U.S. islands offer boundless beauty and endless adventure. You are about to enter a New England respite that is completely surrounded by the waves of Cape Cod. Beyond all those inland rivers and lakes are some of the best fishing places in America.

Visit-Catalina Island, CaliforniaCatalina Island, California

Catalina Island is a great place for relaxation and play, with abundant opportunities for adventure via several modes of transportation. Stay at the Aurora Hotel and Spa on your birthday and receive two free tickets to the Catalina Island Museum. Despite the fact that Catalina Island may appear far away, you are actually staying within the state of California and do not require a passport.

We do advise taking a photo ID from the government with you. Check out the simple ways to stay on Catalina Island. You can reach Catalina Island by passenger boat from four mainland ports in southern California – San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach, or Dana Point – and the ride is only about an hour by boat or 15 minutes by helicopter. You can also travel by private boat or private aircraft.

Visit Cumberland Island, GeorgiaCumberland Island, Georgia

In southern Georgia, on our way to Cumberland island national seashore, there’s a lot of history and wilderness. The ferry and any related camping costs are not included in the $10 weekly entrance pass for Cumberland Island for adults 16 and over. The only ways to reach the island are by private boat or passenger ferry (a 45-minute ride from St. Mary’s not a car ferry).

This barrier island from the forest to the edge of the Atlantic an awesome Cumberland island national seashore is 17 and a half miles long and only three miles wide at its broadest point so to get to Cumberland island you have to go buy a boat. Pay in advance and reserve your ticket and enter with photo verification.

Visit-Nantucket, MassachusettsNantucket, Massachusetts

Popular tourist destination Nantucket is a small yet enchanting island 30 miles south of Cape Cod is known for being expensive. Nantucket usually starts in the low millions. But visiting here is an experience like no other.

Here a number of transportation available to get you to your destination. It doesn’t require any passport to show but needs Entry Requirements & Customs in Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Visit-Mount Desert Island, MaineMount Desert Island, Maine

Mount Desert Island (MDI) widely known as the home of Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor is the largest island off the coast of Maine and the second largest on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Some of the most popular beaches on the island are Jetties Beach, Sconset Beach, Madaket Beach, Cisco Beach, Children’s Beach, and Surfside Beach.

The island is home to the Nantucket Whaling Museum.  To explore Nantucket, Biking is a great way as there are over 35 miles of multi-use paths on the island. When visiting the island, you must visit its most beautiful lighthouses of Nantucket.

Visit Fire Island New YorkFire Island, New York

Fire Island lies only about 55 miles east of Midtown Manhattan, located in Suffolk Country having roughly 600 houses that are modernist, and a wooden boardwalk serves as the main thoroughfare. The Fire Island is also known for its celebrity residency, especially in the summer. The Pines has long been a fun-loving sanctuary for gay men, but Cherry Grove, a nearby community, is more well-liked by people who identify as LGBTQ.

Due to its thriving tourism sector, Ocean Beach is probably the most well-known among the general public, with Water Island following closely. Take the Long Island Railroad to Sayville (for Water Island, Sailors Haven, Cherry Grove, and The Pines) or Bayshore early in the morning on a beautiful day to get away from New York City (for everything else). You’ll soon forget that you’re even in New York.

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