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Why So Many Urban Riders Prefer Foldable Electric Bikes?

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It is a reality that most of the urban riders would like to have an electric bicycle as their preferred means of transportation within the city limits, especially e-bike foldable, which is one of the most revolutionary ones giving people more chances to brag about their commute. Additionally, it offers urban riders more benefits for parking and cheap commuting to ensure that they would all like to have one in their backyard.

Foldable electric bikes offers conveniences for urban riding, you need to know more about the advantages of using exactly these bikes. You will be amazed by the excellency and the competency these bikes have to ensure that all riders will reach their final destination with safely and swiftly.

Let’s take a deep dive to the e-bikes technology the one that has made many urban riders less anxious about their appointments. It remains to you to explore these new bikes and see for yourself the great benefits you get from riding them and having them in your parking lot.

They Are Easy To Park

First, e-bikes are extremely easy to park. They take less space than other bikes and motorcycles which is a certain plus. Most modern cities have created some dedicated parking lots and spots for e-bikes. That idea has been very popular in several cities, and the creation of these free parking lots has made many commuters to decide about buying a folding e-bike. Not to mention that in several cases, the e-bikes can get folded, and you can have them with you in the exact space you work. They can enter the elevators or the stairs and give you the freedom and peace of mind of watching them all the time since some burglars may always like to steal your bike no matter where you park it.

Foldable Bikes Are More Lightweight Than Others

It’s also true that foldable e-bikes like the Honbike are more lightweight than others. There is a big difference between conventional bikes and foldable e-bikes in terms of size and weight. Even though the former ones don’t have an electric motor, they are usually made from cast iron. On the other hand, the e-bikes like the Honbike prototype are made from aluminum and carbon fiber, make these bikes a lot lighter than anything else you have seen so far. That’s why you can be sure to have the best possible bike to carry it with you all the time. The electric motor is easy to handle, and there is no need to worry about parking the bike anywhere since the lightweight profile will allow you to have it with you anywhere you may go.

You Can Have Them in Your Car’s Trunk

Some people just want to have their e-bikes folded in their trunks to get a ride in the suburbs or the forest. It’s natural to have your folding e-bike in your trunk since it fits perfectly there and can give you more than your expectations to exercise in the wilderness. Most of the newest technology e-bikes are easy to fold and can get in your trunk without hurting any of their sensitive parts. In other words, one of the biggest reasons the e-bikes have the best possible acceptance by the greater audience is because you can carry them with you anywhere you go and fold them up easier than ever!

They Come in Many Colors and Shapes

Most of the riders would like to have a choice about the color and shape of their e-bikes. That is possible with Honbike, which offers you a wide selection of colors and shapes to ensure that all riders will find the one that matches their expectations and beliefs. People from all parts of the world, whether they identify themselves as men, women, or anything in between, could easily have the e-bike of their dreams with suitable colors. That creates a certain trend for the e-bikes that are so good to show yourself around and become the center of attention among your preers.

Foldable E-bikes Are Also Affordable & Easy to Maintenance

There is another trend following modern e-bikes, and it has to do with the amount of money you need to spend to have them. In the recent past, most e-bikes were outrageously expensive, and that could create an issue when middle-class men would like to ensure they have the best possible bargain to buy a bike. Besides, electric bike company like Honbike provides users with 40000 KM maintenance-free service, you only need to enjoy riding with no worries.

They Consume Less Energy Than Others

Honbikes e-bike prototypes are so technologically evolved to consume less energy than others. That is so valid since the engineers managed to create a Monotork shaft drive instead of chains, and choose brushless electric motor that cooperates well with the removable battery. The torque comes directly from the motor to the wheels without the use of a chain that used to absorb much of it. On the contrary, new motors will need just a fraction of the energy that other e-bikes with chains would need. That makes it more prominent to have a bigger ride with your bike and covers all your urban commutes from home to work and vice versa.



Folding electric bikes bring a lot of benefits to urban riders. With serious traffic jam and rising gas price, their popularity will be continued. Choose one for your commute and you’ll be in for a lot of surprises.

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