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What Are the Flavors of CBD Gummies and Are There Any Additional Flavors?

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Gummies are one of the most popular ways to take CBD supplements. It is not surprising that so many people choose CBD gummies given that they are both easy to use and taste great.

While products such as CBD oils, capsules, and topicals are all effective ways to use and benefit from CBD, they are not always the most enjoyable options. Edibles, like gummies, are very different and are the perfect way to incorporate CBD into one’s diet.

Even shopping for CBD gummies can be a fun experience due to the vast range of flavor options that there are to choose from. Many brands aim to make their CBD gummies feel as close to gummy candies as possible and often use very similar flavorings.

Here are just some of the available options when shopping for CBD gummies.

Mixed Fruit Flavored CBD Gummies

One of the main reasons people choose to try CBD supplements is that they are entirely natural. They provide a way to pack vital nutrients into one’s diet without consuming artificial supplements.

Therefore, it is important to most people when shopping for CBD products to choose those that are 100% natural and that don’t contain a long list of added enhancers such as flavorings and colorings.

Brands like PureKana offer a wide range of natural CBD gummies 1000mg, 500mg, and other strength options. Gummies such as those sold by PureKana still pack all of the great flavors of fruit gummies only without the slew of artificial enhancers.

Natural fruity CBD gummies typically contain natural enhancers such as fruit and vegetable juice and extract to give them their vibrant coloring and bright flavor profile. Natural CBD gummies are often vegan to ensure that as many people can enjoy their benefits as possible.

Sour CBD Gummies

Mixed fruit gummies are one of the most common types of gummy, but they are not the only option. Another popular option for CBD gummies is mixed fruit sour gummies for an extra burst of flavor with each bite.

Sour CBD gummies tend to come in a number of different options, including both mixed berry and individual fruit flavors. Sour lemon gummies and sour strawberry are just two examples of the fun flavors that can be found.

Individual Flavors

Not all CBD gummies have to be purchased in mixed flavor pots. There is also the option to purchase pots of gummies that contain just one flavor. Flavors such as mango, strawberry, blueberry, and apple are popular flavors that can often be found in CBD retailers.

While fruity CBD gummies are everywhere, it is also possible to find other flavors. For example, birthday cake gummies and ice cream gummies are just a few of the slightly stranger but still delightful flavor options.

Natural Flavorings vs. Artificial Flavorings

Not all CBD gummies are made using 100% natural recipes. In fact, many brands choose artificial flavorings and colors because they are cheaper.

There is an ongoing debate about whether naturally flavored CBD gummies are better than those that have been made using artificial ingredients.

On the one hand, natural supplements should be 100% natural. On the other, as long as the colorings and flavor enhancers are food safe, there is no reason to believe they are causing any problems.

It is very much for the individual to decide whether or not they are happy to consume CBD gummies containing artificial ingredients.

Third-party lab testing should be conducted on all CBD products equally, ensuring that safety regulations have been met both for natural and artificial gummies.

Other Options to Consider When Buying CBD Gummies

When shopping for CBD gummies, the various available flavor options are not the only thing to consider. They also come in various fun shapes, which can be a great way to make taking supplements feel more exciting. Options often include bears, rings, and rainbow stripes.

Another important thing to consider is the various strength options typically available. The range of strength options varies based on the brand. For example, PureKana offers gummies ranging from 500mg to 1500mg, with various other offerings in-between.

Picking the Right CBD Gummies

For CBD supplements to be effective, they need to be taken consistently and frequently. Flavored CBD gummies are one of the best ways to achieve this as they are both fun and easy to consume regularly. However, it is important to choose flavors that are enjoyable; don’t be afraid to switch between different flavors to keep things interesting.

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