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Is Spanish A Hard Language for English Speakers to Learn?

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Learning a language for English speakers is sometimes very hard because of how complex other languages are. Many languages have hard to learn adjectives, articles, demonstratives, and possessors. So it’s neutral that many native English speakers think that most languages are really hard to learn. But that is not always the case.

Many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are easy to learn. Knowing that learning Spanish is not that hard, after all, you can simply find an online Spanish Tutor on Amazingtalker.

Why Might Learning Spanish be Easy?

There are many reasons why Spanish is an easy language to learn for many English speakers. But we are only going to include some of the most agreeable reasons why Spanish might be an easy language to learn.

Use the Same Alphabet

There are 8 alphabet groups in the world that people still use today including Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, etc. Both Spanish and English use the Latin alphabet group. So after becoming acquainted with some not-so-hard pronunciation rules, you’ll be able to skim it very quickly. Because we use alphabets as a base for learning a language, Spanish having common alphabets gives a great boost to your overall learning time.

 Numerous English-Spanish Cognates

Even though English and Spanish don’t share the same family of languages (English is from Germanic and Spanish is from the Romance group) but they still share a lot of common history. The main reason is the strong relations between England and France at some point in history caused the English language to appropriate many French words, which are similar to Spanish. During the early middle era, Spanish unfortunately got Germanic influence. It made a branch of new words from German origin look like English.

Similar Sentence Structure

Because of how connected both languages are historically it’s not a surprise that they also have similar sentence structures. Both English word order and Spanish word order follow a similar Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) pattern. Like the sentence’s subject is the ‘doer’ of the action. Here the verb is the action, and the object is the thing elaborated by the action. In contrast, when a negation is needed, the negative is placed before the verb. In English we normally add an auxiliary verb, such as a conjugation of to be, to do, or to negation. Spanish doesn’t have those properties. But there is still some reason why you will find similar sentence structures in Spanish.

Why Might Learning Spanish be Hard?

Even though we just discussed how easy Spanish is, there are still some hard subjects that you need to learn about it. Now we are going to discuss the complex parts of learning Spanish.

Many Irregular Verbs Nouns are Gendered

In Spanish, all nouns have a specific gender, they can be male, female, or both. The general rule is that Spanish nouns that end in -a are female and -o are male. But there are also some exceptions and irregularities to this rule. Some feminine nouns that end in -o like la moto or the motorcycle, la radio or the radio, la clase or the class, etc. There are also a few male nouns that end in -a like el idioma or the language, el mapa or the map, el planeta or the planet, el programa or the program, etc. Moreover, there are also a few Spanish nouns used to describe people who can be both male and female like el/la cantante or the singer, el/la estudiante or the student, el/la artista or the artist, el/la testigo or the witness, etc.

Difficult Pronunciation

 The Spanish language has a few difficult words that English speakers might view as hard to pronounce. There was an old online discussion that says pronunciation of “b”, using English intonation for example, that high tone at the end of sentences to ask a question is a mispronunciation of “e” pronouncing the name José as “hoe-ZAY” instead of ‘”ho-SEH”. The funniest mistake that English speakers often make is that they’ll pronounce perro or dog like pedo or fart.


Learning a foreign language is a great way to exchange cultures with different types of communities. Spanish is a great language to learn for English speakers who want to learn an easy language quickly. Spanish is a good way to communicate with most Latin American countries because many of them were colonized by Spain.

Learning a new language is always a hard thing to do on your own no matter how easy the language is. Getting an online tutor is the best way to learn a language online. Amazingtalker is an Online tutoring service that offers both professional and student tutors at reasonable pricing. You can find Spanish tutors at Amazingtalker. They also have English tutors.

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