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`Top Neighborhoods to Consider in Your Austin Home Search

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Austin is a faster-growing city than other cities in America. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Tesla are planting their roots in the city of the Violet Crown.

Similarly, housing developments are popping up, and it is important to understand the city’s neighborhood before deciding where to live. Thus, the lifestyle, culture, job market, and enhanced quality of life are a few more additional factors why Austin is a desirable place.

If you are considering moving to Austin or a new area within the city, this is the right place to start. In this article, you will discover the top neighborhoods to consider in your Austin Home Search.

List Of Top Neighborhoods For Austin Home Search

Top Neighborhoods to Consider in Your Austin Home Search

Below-mentioned is a list of top neighborhoods for Austin Home Search.

Downtown Austin

When it comes to short-listing the best neighborhood to reside in Austin, downtown is one of the best. Hence, this area constantly thrives in growth, and there is no slowing down any time soon with different residential skyscrapers and corporate buildings in the development.

Similarly, the area is surrounded by many parks and gardens, which is just perfect for individuals and families to enjoy.

Therefore, Downtown Austin is also known for its high-rise luxury houses with magnificent views of the Hills and enhanced quality of life.

 Barton Hills

Top Neighborhoods to Consider in Your Austin Home Search

Barton Hills is a popular residential neighborhood located in Southern Austin. This area is one of the most sought-after neighbors for students and families due to its top amenities and schools surrounding the area.

However, you will have easy access to Barton Creek and Zilker Park, where Spring Pools is located. It will encourage you to remain fit because it has easy access to recreational activities.

Therefore, most homes in Barton Hills were built in the 80s, though most are renovated and revamped with a modern structure.


Mueller is a well-planned community that is located just about three miles from downtown Austin. However, if you plan to pursue your studies, it is two miles from The University Of Texas.

Therefore, most houses in this area are newly built and come in various styles. From lofts to townhouses, single-family homes and apartments are all across Austin.

Hence, it makes the neighborhood attractive to potential renters or homebuyers looking for a place to call home. Overall, you will have a great stay here, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to live.

West Lake

Living in West Lake is truly a dream come true for anyone who appreciates luxury homes.

Thus, with the stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills, it is no wonder why this neighborhood is so highly sought-after.

Moreover, one of the best things about West Lake is its peaceful location and ample green spaces. It offers residents a sense of tranquility that is hard to find within the city.

Plenty of amenities exist, including access to the adjacent Wild Basin Wilderness and nearby parks. Overall, West Lake is a wonderful place to call home.


Teravista sounds like an amazing place to reside in. Therefore, the community has been recognized as the best master-planned community.

With its walking trails, residential clubs, parks, and top-rated swimming clubs, there is no doubt that Teravista offers its residents multiple amenities to enjoy.

Similarly, the variety of home sizes and styles in the area also makes it an ideal location if you are looking for comfortable and spacious living.

Travis Heights

Travis Heights is a perfect neighborhood for those of you who want to be close to downtown Austin.

Thus, its walkable streets and numerous sidewalks make it easy to get around on foot. Moreover, the tree-lined streets and the beautiful homes give the area a charming and inviting feel.

Similarly, there are a variety of restaurants and shops. These places make it a great place to grab a quick bite or do some last-minute shopping.

Wrapping Up

Hence, in recent times, Austin has topped the list of best places to reside in America.

Thus, Austin is a relatively safe place to live. A new neighborhood scored low on the list, as mentioned above. However, you will feel secure in most areas.

However, without any delay, search for the best neighborhood in Austin and search for a property that suits your best fit.

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