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Revisiting The Interesting History Of Sapphires Through Legends and Symbolism

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Sapphires have been a popular gemstone for thousands of years. They have been treasured for their beautiful blue color, which is found in no other mineral. Sapphires are also very durable and hard, which makes them perfect for use in jewelry. This durability has helped contribute to the amazing story that surrounds sapphires and how they came to be so valuable.

The Earth Rested on a Gigantic Sapphire

According to the ancient Persians, the earth rested on a gigantic sapphire. This sapphire was round and blue, and it had four sides, one for each season. The sky was a giant dome made of a transparent crystal that reflected the sun’s light down to earth. Inside this dome were many stars, including an especially bright one known as Venus or “the morning star.”

According to these beliefs, heaven was located above the sky in space where there were no clouds or other obstructions to block the light from reaching the earth.

Ancient Greeks Believed That Sapphires Made Their Owner Invisible

Sapphires are well-known for their beauty and value. We often hear stories of how they were worn by kings and queens to show off their wealth, but another interesting story about sapphires involves the fact that ancient Greeks believed that wearing a Sapphire ring would make the wearer invisible. This belief led them to wear Sapphire rings during wars, so if they were captured, their captors wouldn’t know who they were or what family they came from.

People have been wearing these beautiful stones as jewelry since antiquity, and even today, you can still find people using sapphires as engagement rings or wedding bands. If you’re looking for an affordable gemstone that can be worn every day, sapphires are a great choice.

Sapphires come in many different colors, so it’s easy to find one that matches your style. Just make sure that you explore a natural sapphire gemstone collection from a reliable jeweler before selecting one for your jewelry piece.

The beautiful blue color of sapphire is what makes it such an iconic stone in jewelry design today. Sapphires are also very durable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. The durability of these gems makes them perfect for jewelry items like rings, necklaces, and earrings because they won’t easily break or scratch over time as other less durable stones would.

The Ancient Persians Called Sapphire the ‘Sacred Gem’

The ancient Persians called Sapphire the ‘Sacred Gem’ and believed it would bring them heavenly blessings. In fact, they also used to tell their children that if they wished for something hard enough, a Blue Sapphire would appear in the night sky and take their wish to heaven for granted.

Sapphires were believed to have magical powers. The blue sapphires are thought to have healing properties that could cure diseases and protect the wearer from evil spirits and psychological degeneration. The blue stone was also used as a symbol of power during ancient times because of its royal color, which meant royalty or majesty.

Hindus Believed That Wearing Sapphires Ensured Protection From Deadly Diseases

The Hindus believed that wearing sapphires would ensure protection from plague, fever, and smallpox. These stones were also used for protection from other deadly diseases. The Hindus believed that sapphires would protect them from snake bites and poison.

This belief stemmed from the fact that these purple gems were considered sacred to Krishna, a Hindu deity. He was known as “The Blue God” because he was often depicted with blue skin and eyes. His consort Radha was also said to wear a lot of jewelry featuring these beautiful stones.

The Ancient Romans Believed That It Could Cure Eye Diseases

In ancient Rome, the left eye was considered to be the “good eye,” and a sapphire placed on it would cure eye diseases. The right eye was considered to be the “evil eye,” and a sapphire placed on it would ward off evil.

Sapphires were often used as amulets that were worn around the neck to protect against negative energy or evil spirits. The Romans also believed that placing a sapphire over someone’s right breast would make them invisible to predators like lions and tigers.

Sapphires Had Different Significance During The Medieval Age

People believed sapphires were a good luck charm, and they were used in many different ways for protection. According to legend, sapphire could protect its wearer against snake bites, as well as bring heavenly blessings. In medieval times, it was common practice to carry powdered sapphire in one’s pocket on journeys. This was thought to prevent accidents and ensure safe travel.

During this time period, there were many superstitions about stones: certain gems had powers that could heal various ailments or ward off evil spirits. For instance, diamonds were thought to cure fever, garnets were said to help people sleep better at night, pearls were used for protection against nightmares, amethysts were believed to preserve youthfulness, emeralds protected against envy and avarice, jasper was thought useful when treating madness or insanity.

Because of Its Association With Royalty and Beauty, Sapphire has been Named ‘The Gem of Gems’

Sapphires are a gemstone, a variety of corundum. Corundum is the second hardest mineral known to man and is found in many different colors, including blue sapphire and pink sapphire. Sapphires are mined in many countries around the world, including but not limited to Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia.

Sapphire is also used as a symbol of royalty because it was once an extremely rare gemstone that only members of high society could afford or wear. Sapphires have been used for thousands of years by humans for ornamental reasons and as talismans due to their supposed powers. It has been said that wearing them can help one avoid misfortune or even cure ailments such as epilepsy or insomnia.


Sapphires are interesting because of the many beliefs people built around them in the past. For example, sapphires were believed to have healing powers, bring good luck, and be associated with royalty and beauty. Additionally, sapphires were also said to be able to calm the mind and soothe mental health problems like depression.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a treasure that can be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry or one that will make a stunning gift, consider Sapphires. It’s not just about their beauty; it’s also about their fascinating history and many uses throughout the ages.

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