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R. Kelly’s Daughter Jaya Kelly Came Out as a Transgender

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American singer R. Kelly is one of the best-selling music artists in America and one of the top R&B artists of the ’90s. Jaya Kelly is the middle kid of R. Kelly and Andrea Lee. Jaya was born a girl but felt trapped in her body and started identifying as male. The announcement of her transgender status made headlines in 2014.Jaya Kelly trasgender

                         Jaya Kelly Bio

Nickname Jaah Baby
Gender Transgender
Year of birth 2000
Age 23 years old (as of 2023)
Place of birth United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian
Sexuality Gay
Height in feet 5’8″
Height in centimetres 172
Weight in pounds 123
Weight in kilograms 63
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Mother Andrea “Lee” Danyell
Father Robert Sylvester Kelly
Siblings Two
Profession Singer
Net worth $300,000 to $500,000

Jaya Kelly as a Transgender

When Jaah was pretty young, he struggled with his sexuality. He was born a girl, but when he was around 6 or 7 years old, he realized he liked girls.

He didn’t match his gender at birth, which was female. His fans told him he didn’t feel comfortable dressing up as a woman or having feminine organs.

Jaah had gender reassignment surgery and is on medication now. When Jaah opened up about his sexuality, he didn’t have many hurdles to overcome.

He got a lot of support from his family and friends. Jaah always had his mom’s back, and she was always a proud mumma.

He said, “My mom said,

“Baby, I love you whether you’re bi, gay, lesbian, you name it, I love you so much,”

He then thanked his mom and said,

‘Thanks for accepting me as transgender, mom.’

Furthermore, he’s really happy that all his friends and siblings accept him as a guy. Whenever his sister calls him handsome and his little brother, he feels great.

Jaah came out as a trans male shortly after his transition surgery, causing a lot of speculation. In the end, though, he felt more confident in himself.Family reaction on Jaya Kelly gender


How is Jaya Kelly’s relationship with His Parents?

He lives with his mom while he works on his music career. He doesn't get along with his dad, R Kelly. His mother, Andrea Kelly is not married.

Is R Kelly’s daughter gay?

Yes, that's right. Jaya, who is now a man, said he's attracted to women in an interview with PaperMag. He said he felt comfortable identifying as a lesbian after turning 18.

What does Jaya Kelly do?

He's currently establishing himself as a singer and musician. Jaya started his career at 13 under the stage name Jaah Baby. He released his debut single, "Reservoir," in 2014. He doesn't have any prominent song credits or albums to his name.

At What Age Did Jaya Kelly Start Transitioning?

There's a lot of curiosity about Jaya Kelly's gender and sexuality. In an interview with Paper Magazine, Jaya revealed in 2014 that they were transgender males.
Because of their orientation, Jaya thought she had to become a boy to be with another young lady. According to Jaya, "I want surgery and medication to help me be the boy I'm supposed to be."

Is J Kelly on Instagram?

There's an Instagram account linked to Jaya Kelly's music on SoundCloud with the username @Jaah.bby. The account has only two posts, but it's been inactive for a while. He may not be on social media because of the cyberbullying he experienced after his father was in legal trouble and convicted of sexual abuse.

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