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The Most Popular Live Casino Games in India

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In the gambling industry, live casinos are particularly popular. It is an opportunity to combine the comfort and aesthetics of a traditional gambling establishment, as well as live communication with dealers and other players. This type of leisure is also gaining popularity in India. Let’s take a closer look at the features and rules of the most famous games.

How do live casinos work?

This type of gambling entertainment was created by combining traditional games with modern technical capabilities. Livecasino in India includes dealing cards, confirming bets, spinning wheels, chatting with game participants, and much more. Live chat, high-quality cameras, and rooms stylized as traditional casinos are used for communication. A game control unit is used to encode the video stream. The dealer is responsible for the conduct and atmosphere of the meeting.


This game is one of the most popular in Indian online casinos. It is quite simple but brings a lot of excitement to participants because everything depends on luck, not on different strategies and tactics. Players’ bets are processed by the casino software in real time. The spin of the wheel is recorded by cameras. Results are immediately displayed on gamblers’ screens.

Teen Patti

The game is played with a 52-card deck without jokers. In some ways, Teen Patti is similar to three-card poker. The number of participants varies from three to six. Everyone gets three cards. Before they are dealt, the size of the pot is determined, which can grow during the game. Whoever has the best combination of cards is declared the winner.

The highest hand in this game is a royal flush (Q, K, A of the same suit). Players who have bad cards or whose stakes are too high for them can leave the table. When only two members are left, they show cards. Those who have the best hand take the pot.

Andar Bahar

India has a game called Katti. Andar Bahar is its digital interpretation. The game is played with one 52-card deck. Andar and Bahar are boxes for cards. They are placed on the table on the left and right sides of the player. Whoever predicts the side on which the chosen card will fall as accurately as possible wins. The game has several rounds.

In each of them, one card is chosen as the main one. Bets are placed where a card with the same face value will appear in Andara or Bahar. The beginning of the hand is determined as follows: a dealer shuffles the deck and draws one card. If it’s a black suit, the hand starts with the Andar, and if it’s red, it begins with the Bahar.

Dragon Tiger

The game is extremely popular and simple. There are two types of bets: either on a dragon or a tiger. The one with the highest card value wins. In this case, players have to guess whether the card will be even or odd. They can also bet on a certain suit. If the player guesses right, the amount of winnings is three times the bet amount. During the game, it is also possible to place additional wagers or even bet on a draw.

A live casino combines the main advantages of traditional gambling establishments and online platforms. Thus, players can get a real gambling experience without leaving their comfort zone. For this purpose, casinos create all the technical conditions and offer a bright palette of offers where everyone can find their favorite game.

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