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Ideas for Effective Office Team Building: 3 Things Employees Would Love

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In January 2023, Stephanie Pierce, a Leadership Consultant in TCB Mag, shared an insightful observation: the word ‘team’ has no ‘I’ in it. This simple reminder suggests that when building a team, leaders should shift their focus beyond themselves and prioritize the collective effort.

Delving into this aspect, Pierce recounts several golfing trips she attended with zero interest. Taking initiative for team effectiveness isn’t limited to dysfunctional or broken teams alone! It applies to both large and newly formed teams.

According to an infographic titled ‘Communicating in the Modern Workplace,’ by the Queens University of Charlotte, approximately 75% of employers consider collaboration and teamwork to be of utmost importance.

Connecting with fellow team members and developing mutual understanding is crucial. It cultivates team spirit and motivates everyone to work together cohesively. This, in turn, leads to improved client retention, maximized productivity, and accomplishment of the organization’s business goals.


Typically, the HR department plans and executes team-building activities. In this blog, we will discuss a few ideas and components that can make a team-building day at the office engaging and dynamic, based on employee preferences and interests.

Components For a Successful Team Building Day

Ideally, a team building day should take place during work hours, so that employees don’t have to spend their weekend in this activity. Some of the activities and ideas that can make team-building more engaging and entertaining for your employees include the following:

Play Board or Team Games

In January 2022, The Muse reported on the relevance of board games in the office as a means of bringing people together and fostering connections. The best part is that today, there are numerous office-friendly options available, including popular titles such as Jenga, Pandemic, Code Names, and Apples to Apples.

These games emphasize teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, there are non-tabletop games like Heads Up or Celebrity, which only require a phone, pen, and paper for participation. These games are available both on Android and iOS platforms.

Although playing games in the office might initially seem a bit silly or out of place, the benefits are manifold. They help employees unwind while encouraging them to work together in creative ways that promote both personal and organizational growth.

Plan a Lunch and Learn Day

Often, employers fail to recognize the untapped talents within their workforce. These strengths can be leveraged to bring team members together. For instance, someone may excel in a foreign language, while another person might be a pro at using editing software.

Knowledge sharing is a crucial exercise for team building, and today, you have an opportunity to infuse it with fun and flavor by hosting a “Lunch and Learn” hour at your office. During this time, employees can enjoy a delectable meal while learning about the unique skills their colleagues possess.

Are you thinking about how to manage the food aspect? The answer lies in choosing an office lunch ordering app that allows employees to select from a variety of menu options. These apps offer curated office lunch menus based on employees’ preferences and dietary choices.

According to CaterCow, these apps are becoming increasingly popular. They provide dietary details that enable employees to make informed decisions while selecting their preferred lunch menu. Additionally, meals get delivered with each employee’s name, and necessary dietary restrictions as well. With access to a curated menu, employees can enjoy meals that contribute to their overall wellness.

A Compliment Circle

Appreciation has a positive impact on an individual’s desire to improve at work. It boosts their self-esteem, which translates into better performance at the office. Sharing appreciation within a team is essential for fostering a favorable work environment.

An effective way to cultivate this approach is to urge employees to spend around 5 minutes complementing one another. During this time, they can freely express their thoughts and gradually overcome any inhibitions they may have about sharing personal opinions with others.

Alternatively, you can allocate time for each employee to address a coworker and express their appreciation, ensuring that it remains concise and that everyone gets an opportunity to speak.


Planning and executing engaging team-building activities significantly impacts employee productivity and contentment. When you choose the correct activity, it helps to create a work environment where employees feel connected, acknowledged, valued, and motivated.

Team-building is an end-to-end process that requires dedication and effort and is not a one-time activity. By incorporating these ideas into your office culture, you can cultivate a stronger and more cohesive team. As a result, it will transform into a successful and thriving workplace that your employees will truly love.

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