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Everything You Need to Know About Betting On the 2023 Kentucky Derby

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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned bettor who plans to bet on the 2023 Kentucky Derby, it’s recommended that you must prepare first. Preparing will help you increase your chance of earning a significant profit from your bet. 

To prepare for betting on the Kentucky Derby, you should first understand everything you must know about the activity. You can check out these things below to familiarize yourself or refresh your knowledge about Kentucky Derby betting. 

Betting Online Can Give You Better Odds

If you haven’t bet online, the 2023 Kentucky Derby is a great chance to start placing your wager online. Betting online provides you with better odds than betting in a land-based racebook. If you’re betting to profit, this is your best option. 

Remember that even the slightest difference in the odds could significantly impact your bankroll over time. So, you have to bet smart to achieve your goals. Moreover, betting online can offer convenience. You wouldn’t need to go out of your home to place a bet for your favorite Kentucky Derby contender. 

What you’ll only need is a mobile device or a computer that’s connected to the internet. Even if you want to watch the race in person on Churchill Downs, you can still place your bet online instead of on the betting window of the race course, especially if you found better odds online. 

So, search for the best online sportsbook where you can place your derby bet and increase your profit. Make sure to check the Ky Derby 2023 betting updates for a more detailed view of what you’re betting on. 

Don’t Go Into A Betting Frenzy

Although making multiple bets is highly recommended, you must still control yourself and don’t overdo it. Exotic bets can be fun, and they’ll make your Kentucky Derby experience memorable, but you mustn’t go crazy about it. 

Exotic bets, despite their higher payout, is a risky option. It lowers your chances of winning. You should mix your bets and not focus on the exotics. If you aren’t sure or confident about the exotic bets, then it’s ideal for sticking to the standard wagers. 

Standard wagers are straightforward and have lower risk than exotics. It will give you a higher chance of winning your bet. However, expect a lower return than betting on the exotics. You have to decide which is more important to you: earning big with a higher risk or small with a lower risk. 

The Kentucky Derby is A Social Event 

The Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race. It’s also a popular social event in which the rich and the famous participate. If you’re traveling to Louisville, KY, to witness the derby in person, you should be prepared to attend the race and the parties surrounding the main event. 

Dress up for the occasion and use this opportunity to socialize. Moreover, you can still experience the derby fun at home if you can’t make it to Churchill Downs. You can host a Kentucky Derby party at home and invite your family and friends. Dress up like you’re in the event, and don’t forget the hat. 

Serve mint julep as your beverage, as it’s the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Decorate your home or garden the Kentucky Derby style. Then bet with your friends as you watch the race unfold. 

Long Shots Have A Good Reputation In The Kentucky Derby

Rooting for the favorite contender of the derby isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s the safest route for bettors to go. However, you must also consider that long-shot contenders are getting a good reputation in the history of the Kentucky Derby. 

The most recent long-shot contender that dominated the race is Rich Strike, the 2022 Kentucky Derby winner. Rich Strike had 80-1 odds, but he outran the favorite derby Epicenter with 5-1 odds. 

This year, Todd Pletcher’s Forte was the early and still the heavy favorite of the race. However, there are also other horses that you must consider. Although they have long odds, they show great potential to win.

Betting on the long shot can be risky, but it offers a promising return on investment. If you like taking risks, maybe betting on the long shot will be your best decision, but before you do it, research the derby contender to determine who among the horses is the real long-shot competitor. 

Read the Daily Racing Form 

The daily racing form is considered the bible of horse racing. If you want to succeed in the Kentucky Derby this year, you mustn’t forget to check the daily racing form. The form contains essential information to help you decide which horse to bet on. 

You should check out the form if you still have no contender to bet on for the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Nowadays, you can check the form online. You can already check it out even though we are still weeks away from the event. This way, you can start making decisions and creating betting strategies to enhance profitability. 

Be Ready to Bet

The 2023 Kentucky Derby is one of the major sporting events in the USA this year. That’s why many bettors are looking forward to betting on the event. If you plan to participate, start preparing and use what you learned in this article as your starting point. 

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