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What To Look For In a Quality Real Estate Lead Generation Service

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Lead generation is often the deciding factor between a successful realtor and a failing one. And with good reason: generating leads once you exhaust your personal connections can be a challenge. There are plenty of strategies and resources available to you on how to get better at generating leads, but the reality is that you simply have other things to do. 

Realtors still need to host open houses, meet with clients, and network, so the amount of resources and time they can pool into generating real estate leads is limited. Fortunately for you there are all-in-one lead generation services that handle a majority of the workload, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations. 

No two services are the same, and if you are looking to rapidly expand the amount of real estate leads you have in your database you will need a service that is on the cutting edge of the industry. In this article, we will break down what to look for in a real estate lead generator service so you can browse with confidence

Dynamic Real Estate Ads for Facebook and Google

Traditional real estate lead generator services use marketing methods like park benches, mass emails, and banners. However, when you look outside of the real estate industry you will see that most companies advertise on social media. 

Social media advertising has revolutionized the marketing industry, as cookies and demographically filtered algorithms allow companies to target specific audiences that will be more likely to buy their product. This marketing revolution also applies to the real estate industry, and it is time for your lead generation service to adopt this technology.

Many people may feel that utilizing Facebook and Google ads for their real estate leads is beyond the scope of their resources, but cutting-edge real estate lead generation companies allow you access to these tools

The benefit of advertising on social media platforms like Facebook is that you can create and implement dynamic ads that utilize Facebook algorithms to find likely buyers in your area based on their behaviors. These ads are personal and interactive, featuring photos and descriptions of the houses in the market and of your services.

Geo-Targeted Keywords Reach Buyers in Your Desired Area

One of the big concerns realtors have about utilizing social media for their real estate leads is the sheer scale of the audience online. They may feel that mailing postcards to everyone in a neighborhood, while more old-fashioned, at least finely pinpoints a certain audience, while social media advertising is more of a buck-shot approach that targets more people but is of lower relevance. 

However, as we discussed below, social media advertising utilizes powerful algorithms to hyperfocus on specific demographics, and one of the key factors you need to look for when shopping for a lead generation company is a service that uses geo-targeted keywords. These help you narrow down to specific cities and neighborhoods to target potential local clients on the social media platforms they use most. 

Get More Real Estate Leads Today

If you are struggling to generate quality real estate leads it may be time to look into a lead generation service. To succeed as a realtor you need to stand out from the pack and that means choosing a service that is on the cutting edge of the industry. By focusing on the features above you will be well on your way to finding the right lead generation service for you.

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