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How to Harvest Yeast From a Conical Fermenter?

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To ensure excellent beer quality, your draft beer system needs Yeast brink.

This is a special stainless steel barrel designed to harvest yeast from a conical fermenter to store and re-add it to a new batch of beer.

Yeast is needed to convert sugar into alcohol, which is an essential component of the brewing process. The ideal environment for yeast growth is a special reservoir – Yeast brink.

How to Harvest Yeast From a Beer?

  1. Wait until the fermentation process is complete. Generally, the surface of a large fermented beer tank is used to grow yeast. Keep in mind that the yeast needs a dark and warm place for growth.
  2. Wait until the resulting mixture reaches a temperature of 34-40 °F (1-4 °C).
  3. Harvest the yeast from the top of the open tank 24-72 hours after reaching the desired temperature. If left for more than 72 hours or harvested too early, this can lead to reduced viability of the product.
  4. If you are using an open container, then harvest the yeast only after the density has decreased by at least 50%. The harvesting process should be started from the center.
  5. Sterilize the tank that you will use to store the product. Generally, yeast can be stored in small corny kegs.

How Does a Yeast Brink Work?

The simplest and most convenient way to harvest yeast is to use Yeast brink.

  • This system reduces yeast harvesting time.
  • If you collect yeast yourself as we described above, there is always a risk of making a mistake and spoiling the product. With Yeast brink, the probability of such an error is minimized so that you can be sure of the cleans and hygienic fermentation.
  • With it you can control the health of yeast, which is very important for the quality of beer.
  • Brewers have noted that this equipment can minimize yeast stress, making it more resilient.

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