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‘Shadow and Bone’: How Kaz Brekker Proved Strength Is Not Everything

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The love triangle in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is about a young orphan with the power to summon the sun, her childhood best friend, a brave soldier willing to die for her, and the all-powerful Darkling general who wants her to rule by his side.

The central plot, political intrigue, magic, and introduction of ‘The Fold’ all make this series – based on Leigh Bardugo’s books – a compelling watch, but at the end, a pointy-faced gangster with a limp steals the show.

Kaz Brekker, Played By Freddy Carter

Completely lawless, driven by money (although not much of it), and without any unique abilities. Even his gang has more to offer than him, including Inej (Amita Suman), the knife specialist, acrobat, and master of stealth, and Jesper (Kit Young), the very adept shot.

Kaz resembled Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Despite not being physically bigger or more vital, he’s well-dressed and loyal to his family. He is a self-made individual who does not have the benefits of being a Grisha or inherited wealth or rank.

Job of Developing

Kaz is a mystery to program viewers who still need to read the novels. There needs to be a telling of where he came from and what made him who he is. Nevertheless, the show does an excellent job of developing a compelling character while not filling in aspects that may be explored in other series.

Kaz is resourceful and intelligent, according to what we know about him. When allowed to steal a million Kruge jobs from fellow criminal Dreesen (Sean Gilder), he utilizes his wits to outwit his adversary Pekka Rollins (Dean Lennox Kelly). Even though he is unsure how he will traverse The Fold and get to the Little Palace to kidnap Alina (Jessie Mei Li), he accepts the assignment regardless, confident in his abilities to find a solution.

Howard Charles

Kaz is brave and highly astute. He’s usually always one step ahead of everyone, including his crew – takes note of the moment he knows Alina has a double and deduces that Arken (Howard Charles), the Conductor, has his secret plan, and uses both pieces of information to set up Arken and gain an advantage against Alina. This results in Marie’s (Jasmine Blackborow) death, but not by Kaz’s hand, and he won’t dwell on it. Despite having to give up his cane, Kaz has no qualms about patrolling the Little Palace disguised as a guard. Despite the danger, he intends to drive the conductor’s train through The Fold. Though he rarely smiles, Kaz is a little bit of a thrill seeker.

Money, Gambled

Kaz may be amoral, but he is not a judge. Jesper might have taken his money, gambled it away, and stolen insufficient alabaster coal to ensure their safe passage through The Fold. Kaz, on the other hand, isn’t about to make a fuss. That’s all there is to it. In the end, Jesper redeems himself by his marksmanship.

Kaz initially views Alina as little more than a target and merely for the money, but by the end of the series, he has changed his perspective, with the Crows intent on destroying the General (Ben Barnes). And, as icy as Kaz professes to be, it’s all a ruse. He cares about Jesper and harbors deeper feelings for Inej, which could be explored more in future show seasons.

The Crow Club

One is a formerly enslaved person forced to work in a brothel before Kaz negotiated her release. As he hasn’t fully paid his obligation, he leaves The Crow Club as collateral for Inej to accompany him. Yes, he requires her for the job, but he also cares about her. When she explains that she would never return to the brothel, The Menagerie, Kaz responds with a seriousness that indicates he means it.

Kaz’s horrific background has yet to be detailed in the series (he had to use his deceased brother’s body as a float after they were both dropped at sea and left for dead). He wears those gloves for a reason. Even without the details, Kaz has been through a lot.

Slovak and Czech

‘Kaz’ denotes blemish, imperfection, or defect in Slovak and Czech. Kaz recognizes his flaws and accepts them. He takes his spots and uses them to his advantage. Kaz would never be able to summon sunlight, and he’d never be able to live in the grandeur of a castle or command an army. He is himself, and he will play to his strengths.

In summary

Kaz Brekker’s character in the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone” is an excellent example of intelligence and wit being more valuable than strength.

Throughout the series, Kaz shows off his intelligence and wit. To accomplish his objectives, he plans elaborate heists and executes them flawlessly. As a result of Kaz’s quick thinking and sharp mind, he can anticipate and counter his opponents’ moves.

Furthermore, Kaz’s character arc shows how intelligence and wit can help you overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Kaz leads a daring aerial raid to rescue Inej despite his fear of heights, and his cunning and strategic thinking make it work.

As a result, “Shadow and Bone” and Kaz Brekker’s character prove that intelligence and wit are more valuable than strength. Kaz proves that brains can beat brawn, and quick reflexes and strategic thinking can distinguish between success and failure. It reminds us that intelligence is powerful and that anyone can achieve great things with the right mindset.

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