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The new ZBike 2.0 a revolutionary indoor bike with automatic resistance adjustment

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The advancement of technologies over the last few years has resulted in the appearance of modern and advanced indoor cycling bikes. One of the most popular, and one that has recently been upgraded, is the ZBike. 2.0. This model of indoor cycling bike can also be used for fitness exercises.

Indoor cycling is the main alternative for cyclists who want to practice their favorite sport, but without having to go outdoors. For this it is essential to have a machine that not only allows you to perform your session at home, but that offers a realistic cycling sensation and, in addition, offers the latest generation features to enhance the experience. In this sense, the ZYCLE brand stands out, one of the most popular today for its recognized prestige and its variety of sports equipment for indoor cycling, such as its ZBike 2.0 bicycle or its different rollers and accessories.

The new version of the indoor bike manufacturer is a sophisticated, comfortable and versatile machine that works both for cycling and for fitness exercises at home. And for this it is based on the latest technologies in the sector, among which stands out its revolutionary resistance. The automatic adjustment of its resistance is adapted to the main cycling simulators.

However, it is not the only thing. This indoor bike is positioned as one of the best rated, and currently most popular, for its wide variety of features, such as the silent transmission system, its adaptability, its great power and its compatibility with the most important cycling simulators.

A smart bike with automatic resistance adjustment

The Smart ZBike 2.0 is a smart bike, capable of delivering the most realistic cycling experiences, but without leaving the comfort of home. This updated model from ZYCLE is designed with an automatically adjusting resistance that provides the opportunity for indoor cycling sessions without having to stop or slow down to manually adjust the settings.

This is one of the most highly rated features by ZBike 2.0 users. “Thanks to the new features implemented in the ZBike 2.0, the resistance will automatically adjust to your training session, allowing you to do your best without having to worry about adjusting it manually,” explain the makers of the ZBike 2.0.

Extremely quiet for use anywhere and at any time

One of the main problems of many indoor bikes is the noise they can generate when training, however, in the ZBike 2.0 there is a big difference as it is one of the quietest models on the market, explain its manufacturers. This is possible because it has a latest-generation Poly-V belt that keeps the noise in the transmission system to a minimum.

“It will allow you to enjoy a quiet environment while you immerse yourself in exciting virtual worlds during your workouts,” they emphasize. This makes it possible to use the bike anywhere and at any time; in addition, to reduce pedaling vibrations, the brand also offers a very thick and resistant mat that isolates them perfectly and is complemented by the Poly-V belt.

Adaptability to all sizes and characteristics

The size adjustments and adjustment of the measurements make it possible to use the Smart ZBike 2.0 regardless of whether the user is male or female, and regardless of height. This bike adapts perfectly to each body, but also to the characteristics and level of demand of each person.

That is, the user can use it together with the cycling simulators with an automatic resistance adjustment or, on the contrary, set it to your liking depending on the intensity of the resistance at which you want to work during training. This indoor cycling bike features a 15-speed gear shifter with a system that simulates that of a traditional single chainring bike.

Hybrid indoor cycling and fitness use of the Smart ZBike 2.0

In addition to all of the above, the bike in question has become one of the most popular due to the possibility it offers its users to use it both as an indoor cycling bike and as a bike for fitness activities. Its different settings and its intelligent system with which it has been equipped give way to a very complete bike that can be used in the main indoor cycling simulators, but also fitness.

Latest connectivity technology to make use of it with the main simulators

The Smart ZBike 2.0 is compatible with ANT+ technology, which allows data exchange between two devices, such as the bicycle and cycling simulators, as well as between monitors and control screens. This system is currently one of the most sophisticated, achieving high quality links between a multitude of devices in a simple way.

In addition, of course, to the low power consumption it represents – ANT+ connectivity only consumes power when data is being transmitted, otherwise it does not, even if the devices are linked together. This bike is also equipped with Bluetooth Smart and is compatible with the FTMS protocol. As for the ZYCLE app, on the other hand, it stands out for having been designed to be used both on the indoor cycling smart bike, but also on the brand’s rollers. And that, in addition to allowing the activation of the warranty of each product, it offers a live measurement of the amount of data for greater control of the workouts.

Other outstanding features of the Smart ZBike 2.0

The device has been designed taking into account all possible aspects to facilitate its use to the user and offer the best indoor cycling simulation experience. An example of this is its electronic system that is managed by backlit buttons on the handlebars, but also its simple and quick assembly in just a few minutes, its light weight of only 50 kg and its high maximum power at 120 rpm of 2,000 W. The ZBike 2.0 works with a maximum gradient of 20%, has USB ports for charging your tablet or smartphone, and many other features.

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