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6 tips to perform everyday for healthy eyes!

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There is no shortage of health articles focusing on skin, hair, the heart, PCOS, and more. However, when it comes to eyes, the amount of information is quite limited.

Magazines, newspaper pieces, and more hardly say anything related to illnesses that can plague the eyes. Also, there is hardly any article talking about how to prevent the degeneration of the eyes.

And this is a mistake! As you use your eyes to make sense of the world. It is your vision, and you use it to see things or people. From the moment you wake up, your eyes work a lot until you sleep.

So, caring for them is essential, especially when most people strain their eyes too much on screens. Moreover, taking care of the eyes does not take much. You must follow a few practices at home regularly to ensure your eyes are in optimal health.

Do not rub your eyes.

Children and some adults are constantly rubbing their eyes with their hands. It is a habit you need to change if you do so. The hands are exposed to bacteria, dust, and dirt. If you use the same hands to rub your eyes, they can all get inside the peepers.

It can lead to injuries, infections, and irritation. And eye infections are no cakewalk. You cannot use your eyes properly until the infection disappears. So, avoid rubbing your eyes altogether. Make it a point to get rid of this habit.

Maintain a healthy weight through exercise and diet.

Being overweight can lead to many chronic diseases, and one of them is diabetes. Unfortunately, diabetes also creates other health problems, like diabetes renopathy and glaucoma.

In the first one, the vessels in the retina swell, filling it with fluid, which leads to complete blindness in the person. Both diseases can happen due to diabetes, which is a direct result of being obese.

So, maintaining a healthy weight also helps you have healthy eyes. To maintain a healthy weight, workout every day. Include yoga asanas for the eyes, which can help strengthen them.

Work on your diet too. It helps you lose weight sustainably. Ensure to add foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, one of the best nutrients for the eyes.

Protect the eyes from the sun.

Exposing your eyes to UV rays and sunlight increases your chances of getting age-related macular degeneration. Exposure to the sun also causes photokeratitis and corneal sunburn.

Therefore, experts recommend you wear sun protection when stepping out during the day. It anyway completes an outfit and makes a fashion statement.

Limit your screen time.

Apart from using the screen for work, people also spend hours on their phones or tablets scrolling through social media. It can cause damage to your eyes as all digital devices emit blue light waves, which are high in energy.

Over time, it damages your eyes, making your vision blurry or weak. To prevent this, first stop overusing digital devices.

Next, you can take supplements like zeaxanthin and lutein, as they help the eyes filter away the blue light. The steps you can take to prevent strain and damage to your eyes when working are:

  • Keeping the screen away from your eyes At least 20–24 inches away is recommended.
  • Adjust the light to minimize the glare
  • Take a break after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds to look at a far-away object to release the strain.

Be careful when using contacts.

Contact lenses make life easier for all people who have glasses. And they know never to sleep with them, as it can damage or infect your eyes.

But do you know getting your contact lenses wet is also a no-no? Wet contact lenses are like sponges, absorbing parasites and bacteria present in the lake or shower.

It can lead to severe infections and eye irritation. So, ensure you never wear contact lenses when showering or swimming.

See an ophthalmologist

Make it a point to see an eye doctor every few months, especially if you have glasses. They can check the eyes for infections and age-related diseases and check whether your number has changed.

They can even detect eye cancer in its early stages. So, find the best eye doctor Kennesaw for better eye health.

Practice these tips daily to ensure your eye health is optimal.

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