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Everything About Ex-Wife of Actor Rufus Frederick Yasmin Abdallah

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Yasmin Abdallah is an entrepreneur and Australian fashion designer. Yasmin is the ex-wife of English theater actor Rufus Frederick Sewell.

She is the owner of Etre Cecile and the fashion director at Style.com. Among the famous brands, she has been working with Hermes, Maje, Mulberry, and Westfield.

The talented designer boutique name is included in one of the most popular boutiques in the world. Everyone knows she has twenty years of experience in the fashion industry and is known for having a superb sense of fashion.

Let’s know about Yasmin Abdallah’s life, net worth, and other facts.

Early Life

Yasmin was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1970 and is now in her forties. She belongs to a diverse background, as her parents nurtured her in a warm and culturally rich environment.

The bond with her grandmother shaped her early years as Yasmin spent countless hours in her company. The fashion sense also transferred from Yasmin’s grandmother, and she honed her skills by experimenting with patterns and fabrics.

Besides her grandmother, no information is available about her parents and siblings, not even about her childhood. On the other hand, Abdallah stated in an interview that her mother used to work at a hair salon. Abdallah enrolled herself in her school hometown but dropped out when she was only 16 years old.

Professional Life

Since childhood, Yasmin has always been interested in fashion design, and therefore, she embarked on her fashion profession when she dropped out of school at 16.

Her determination led to her success in the industry, and then she channeled her energy into developing her fashion line.

Yasmin has been working in the fashion sector for two decades. She has worked with many reputable brands throughout the years.

She has undoubtedly become a fashion icon with a distinct sense of style and created amazing designs. In addition, she also collaborated with many popular brands, such as Maje, Westfield, Mulberry, and Hermes.

Besides fashion, Yasmin Abdallah is a businesswoman and owns a brand named  Etre Cecile, which is a luxury sports label brand. According to the New York Times, her boutique has become one of the world’s most popular.

She has collaborated with two famous names: Rick Owens and Gaspard Yurkievich. Fans liked her because of her style and work; therefore, she has a massive fan following on social media.Yasmin Abdallah husband

Personal life

Yasmin has a romantic love history that reflects her relationship. She has been married twice. The first spouse was a well-known English actor, Rufus Frederick.

The couple dated for a year before exchanging knots in March 1999. However, this marriage ended after nine months, and they separated. The reason for the breakup is still unknown.

After that, she married Kyle Robinson, a movie star. They have two children together named Renzo and Knox. Now she has been living happily with her husband in London.

We often see the couple’s pictures along with their children on social media. So, she seems to have an exceptionally splendid life with her family.

Net Worth

Yasmin Abdallah makes a lot of money from her career by creating fantastic outfits and managing large clothing lines.

Not only her business, she also manages her husband Kyle’s business as the director. Kyle’s company name is Paper Mache Tiger, and she never revealed her net worth.

However, we can estimate the net worth of Yasmin Abdallah is more than $1 million. Yasmin enjoys a luxury lifestyle in London as she shares photos in which she has been seen in designer attire and jewelry.

Body Dimension

Yasmin Abdallah is 5 feet and seven inches tall and has a 55 kg body weight. She looks beautiful with her brown eyes and black hair. Yasmin has a lovely, thin figure, and fans like her because of her fashion sense.

Ex-Wife of Actor Rufus Frederick Yasmin Abdallah


  • Yasmin’s two favorite brands are Celine and Acne.
  • Yasmin loves traveling and taking photographs in her free time.
  • Swimming is the hobby that Yasmin enjoys best.
  • She has a dog as a pet.
  • Her favorite lipstick is Ellis Faas, which appeals to her.
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