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Aliya Kiss Biography – Everything About This Russian Model

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In today’s world, everyone wants to become famous but only a few really make a lasting impact. Aliya Kiss is a Russian Model who has won the hearts and attention of millions all over the world.

She is famous for her amazing modeling pictures and fascinating fashion videos. This is actually her uniqueness and passion for her work that has made her a digital sensation on Instagram.

Being her fan many of you already know much about her work and talent but there is a lot more to discuss. So, in this article, we’ll explore more about her career, her background, what she looks like, and some interesting things about this captivating Russian model.

Quick Facts

Full Name Aliya Kiss
Nickname Aliya
Date of Birth July 5, 1996
Birthplace Russia
Nationality Russian
Residence Thailand
Instagram Accounts @aliya_kiss and @kiss_aliya
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession Model and Instagram Star
Hobby Dancing
Religion Christianity


We know a lot about Aliya Kiss’s work life and what she does as a model, but when it comes to her family and personal stuff, she’s really secretive. She doesn’t share much about her parents, brothers, sisters, or any other family members.

This shows that she really values her privacy and doesn’t want everyone to know everything about her personal life, especially when she’s already in the public eye because of her fame.Aliya Kiss

Professional Journey

Aliya Kiss became famous in 2020 when she started using Instagram. She posted pictures and videos that showed how pretty and talented she was at modeling.

Because she has a really nice body, a lot of people liked and followed her on Instagram. Many fashion lovers started noticing her, and she became known as a rising star on social media.

But Aliya didn’t stop at just being famous on Instagram. She wanted more. So, she also began using TikTok, where she shared videos about modeling and cool fashion trends.

Her videos on TikTok were interesting, and people loved watching them. This made her even more famous, and people saw her as someone who could do many things on social media.

But Aliya didn’t only focus on modeling and fashion. She discovered that she loved dancing and making videos. So, she started sharing dance videos on her social media accounts, especially on TikTok.

People loved her dance moves, and she gained even more fans who admired her for her dancing skills. The most significant moment in Aliya Kiss’s career happened when she joined a famous modeling agency called M Models Agency.

This was a big deal because it meant she went from just being famous on social media to becoming a real professional model.

Her talent, hard work, and unique charm helped her get noticed by the modeling agency, and this made her a true model in the industry.

Her popularity on different platforms, her charm, and her ability to connect with people have made her very attractive to the fashion and advertising industry. They really want to work with her.

Physical Appearance

Aliya Kiss is a good-looking person with an ideal height and weight. She’s got long, curly brown hair and charming brown eyes. Her body is shaped like an hourglass, which is great for modeling and Instagram.

She’s also really good at changing her style and has a captivating appearance that makes her shine in the fashion and social media world.

Body Measurements

Height 168 cm
Weight 58 kg
Blood Type N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurements 32-24-35 Inches
Shoe Size N/A

Aliya Kiss net worth

Boyfriend & Dating History

Aliya Kiss doesn’t talk about her love life on social media. People are curious and have some guesses about who she might be dating, but there’s no proof on her Instagram that shows she has a boyfriend or is in a romantic relationship.

She keeps her personal life hidden, so her fans and followers don’t really know much about her love life, which makes it a mystery.

Net Worth

Aliya Kiss has become a notable figure in both modeling and social media. She’s made a lot of money, somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million, which is quite impressive for someone her age in the digital era.

She earns most of her money by promoting brands, endorsing products, and doing fashion modeling.

Final Words

Aliya Kiss is more than just a model and Instagram celebrity from Russia. She’s a person with many talents and a bit of mystery around her. She’s made a big impact on social media and the modeling world.

Her journey from being a popular Instagram figure to becoming a professional model with M Models Agency shows how determined and skilled she is. She’s really good at connecting with her followers.

Even though we don’t know much about her personal life, her professional success and the way she captures people’s attention keep making her fanbase grow.

She has a bright future ahead of her, and she’s a name to keep an eye on in the constantly changing world of fashion and social media.

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