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EVA Bra-Mexican Student-Designed a Bra that detects Cancer or Tumors in the Breasts

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Breast cancer is one of the most threatening diseases that women are now mainly facing and develops due to genetic mutations or damage to DNA.

When a person is healthy, their immune system attacks any abnormal DNA or growths.

Nowadays, except for surgery treatment, additional treatments, including wearable equipment, have been invented to warn users of the danger of a heart attack or to monitor vitamin D levels.

It is well known that: There is no “natural” cure for breast cancer.

So, in order to remove or slow the growth of tumors, most women undergo surgery for breast cancer such as hormone therapy, radiation, and chemotherapy.

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Over the years, there have been some advanced treatment methods and techniques to treat breast cancer effectively.

In 2016, An 18-year-old Mexican student created a bra containing biosensors to detect physical changes related to breast cancer or tumors.

Julian Rios Cantu

Yes, it is indigenous Julian Rios Cantu who introduced such an advanced technique to the market, motivated by his mother’s breast removal with breast cancer.

Then he struggled a lot which resulted in the design of a bra that detects cancer cells in their early stages.

For his endeavors, he won the top prize of $20000 at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

Structure and Working

The bra consists of around 200 biosensors that cover the breast’s exterior and may recognize changes in blood circulation and temperature of the breast tissue. The high blood flow indicates that something is feeding the blood vessels, which is actually cancer. After detecting, sensors send the data to a computer or smartphone app via Bluetooth to analyze the result.

The user will need to wear it for around 90 minutes every week to allow the bra to gather data on a regular basis without any interruption. The bra has been used on over 350 patients in clinical studies, with an 81.7 percent specificity rate. The EVA bra is planned to serve as an early alert signal for women for a regular health check. However, further testing is required.

Eva Bra


Anna Perman, a member of Cancer Research UK, said that “We know that tumors often take place in an irregular system of blood vessels, but we are also aware of the fact that an increase in blood flow rate isn’t surely a symptom of cancer.

It seems good that young people like Julian have great ideas for science, and that could help with a cancer diagnosis. Besides all, it’s also important to mind that science is rigorous testing to ensure inventions like this usually benefit patients.”


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