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Stunning Tennis Bracelets to Wear During Tennis Season

Wimbledon 2022 is here. Support your favorite players with some sparkle with tennis bracelets for women/men. Here are the top designs to pick from.

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Ever wonder where tennis bracelets get their name from? Years ago, they received their name right on the tennis grounds. The credit goes to Chris Evert, a popular US tennis player with a productive career between 1972 and 1989.

During a fierce match in the US Open, her diamond bracelet fell off her wrist as its clasp broke. The bracelet was crafted in a single line of diamonds. Chris requested the officials to stop the match until the lost bracelet could be found. The incident immediately made her bracelet famous, and it came to be called a “tennis bracelet.”

So, this year, when you watch the Wimbledon matches, cheer your favorite players meaningfully by wearing a tennis bracelet. Don’t be surprised to see the likes of Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams sporting some of the most stunning bracelets themselves. Here are some select designs to try for the Wimbledon weeks.

Brass Bracelet

Brass is a unique metal choice for jewelry. So, if you want to elevate your fashion statement, sport a brass diamond tennis bracelet. Choose a special design like closely set twirls. Pair it with a knee-length bodycon dress to complement the snug fit of the bracelet.

White Gold Bracelet

White gold is a classic choice, especially for diamond jewelry. If you are drawn to jewelry pieces crafted in this metal, choose a diamond tennis bracelet in white gold. Do you like the combination of varied cuts of gemstones? Then pick a bracelet featuring diamonds in round and baguette cuts. The bracelet will look resplendent and can be perfectly paired with a black statement dress.

Yellow Gold Bracelet

White stones, such as diamonds, set a vivid contrast with yellow gold, making for stunning jewelry. If you want this splendid contrast, wear a yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet. Sport the bracelet with a beige dress that blends in with the warm hue. The subtlety of the dress will create the right balance with the vibrant bracelet.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Sterling silver is a more pocket-friendly alternative to white gold. If you love white metal jewelry but are on a budget, you can choose sterling silver jewelry. Do you like intricate designs? Then wear a sterling silver diamond bracelet with twisted lines guarding three stones in parallel settings. The design will look great with a detailed outfit, such as one in lace.

Swirl Bracelet

If you love elegant designs, you will surely admire fine swirls carved into a bracelet. So, sport a sterling silver swirl tennis bracelet in blue and white sapphire. The swirling pattern will look graceful and feminine. The alternating blue and white sapphires will create a striking contrast for a bold appeal. Pair the bracelet with a flattering jumpsuit in blue and/or white.

Infinity Bracelet

The infinity is a timeless design that looks fabulous in all kinds of jewelry pieces. But it looks particularly charming when featured in a bracelet. For instance, wear a sterling silver tennis bracelet in Swiss blue topaz and white sapphire. You will be showing your support for your favorite US by choosing this color, just like the blue and white on the flag. The bracelet will look lovely with a white crop top and blue jeans.

Men’s Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Yes, men too can sport tennis bracelets today because fashion knows no boundaries. Links have been a popular bracelet design for men for a long time and are here to stay. So, a sterling silver diamond men’s tennis bracelet in a link style could be the ideal pick. It can be paired with both casual and formal wear.

Shop tennis bracelets for women and men at an online diamond and gemstone jewelry store that offers you the most competitive prices, along with attractive discounts and special deals. If you want something other than tennis bracelets for Wimbledon 2022, look for butterfly bracelets or other designs that can suit the season. So, check whether the website has a huge collection of trendy jewelry designs. Don’t forget to check for free shipping and easy returns while shopping for tennis bracelets and other diamond jewelry online for added savings and peace of mind.

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