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Sought-after communities and ambitious projects for beneficial investments throughout Thailand

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Thailand is rich in real estate and offers for every taste and budget. Here you will find numerous ones in new settlements and off-plan complexes. They are being built with the latest construction technologies with all the necessary amenities.

The complexes are located in the most picturesque places near the endless beaches and the sea. There are shops, educational institutions, cozy cafes, gourmet restaurants, promenades for evening walks, and other places nearby.

In this article, let’s have a look at the districts of Thailand located in the southern part and some others where you will find and buy real estate in Thailand for profitable purposes.

Layan: another place with investment-attractive villas

Layan is an area that is adjacent to Bang Tao and is actively being built up. It offers a lot of interesting villa complexes, both finished and off-plan.

Cendana Villas Layan is a project announced recently. The largest one has been built. It has 5 bedrooms. The price is above 89 million. Prices for three-bedroom houses start from 34 million baht. A total of 6 villas are planned to be built in this community.

Layan Green Park Phase 2 is the second phase of an ambitious complex with developed infrastructure. A 36 sq. m studio will cost 5,090,000, and the price for a 2-bedroom apartment is 16 million baht.

Botanica Prestige offers 7 villas with all the necessary amenities, 6 of them with 4 bedrooms and a price of 39 million, and 1 with 3 bedrooms and a price of 37 million baht.

Botanica Lakeside 2 consists of 19 buildings priced from 24.5 million baht.

Walailayan renders look modern and stylish fitting well into the landscape above the cliff. Initially, the prices were attractive, especially for double villas – 14 million, but the price quickly increased by almost 4 million baht. 3-bedroom houses cost 22,800,000.

Isola Palms is a premium project for 8 buildings. The price for a 4-bedroom residence starts from 55,930,000.

There is another new development from the same construction company — Isola Sky, for only 3 residences, with 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms. Real estate prices start from 57,630,000 baht.

Botanica Forestique is a complex of 65 four-bedroom houses with prices starting from about 43 million.

Talang: popular with cosy, unique and family-oriented communities

Talang is a sought-after district for construction covering the entire northern part of Phuket. There are 6 large districts located here, which are divided into smaller ones. Talang includes quite a lot of communities located near Bang Tao, close to the Lagoon and beaches of Bang Tao and Layan. It is convenient to live here with your family.

Here are a few villa projects in Talang that you can consider investing in.

ALLTHAI is an entire village with a modern infrastructure that will include all kinds of amenities and a kindergarten. The cost is quite high — from 30,400,000. This residential complex includes 31 three-bedroom houses. Their sales are actively underway.

The Gloria Villas is a community near the Manik Reservoir. A beautifully designed three-bedroom house can be bought for 19,980,000 baht. This house is furnished and equipped with a Smart Home system.

Menara Hill is a hillside village that uses the forest as part of its own infrastructure, with running tracks, cafes and glamping grounds. A three-bedroom villa will cost from 25,000,000, and you can purchase a ready-made one for this amount. Several construction phases are also underway, and the houses vary in design.

Asherah Villa is the second stage of construction. A three-bedroom residence here costs 21 million. Several houses are on sale now — from 23,000,000. 4-bedroom properties cost from 29,000,000 baht.

Other districts rich in modern and well-developed housing projects

In addition to the well-developed Bang Tao, Layan and their surrounding districts, several projects have been launched in other areas. Let’s look at the southern side of Thailand and some other localities where cottages, villas and modern communities with developed infrastructure are about to be completed.

  • Nai Harn

The well-known and developed village of Ban Bua has announced a new part of the development: Baan Komuth. It was proposed to purchase 4-bedroom properties worth over 51 million baht. There are 5 plots for sale in total.

  • Rawai

AILEEN VILLAS RAWAI is two beautiful buildings a stone’s throw from Rawai Beach, each 19.6 million, with 4 bedrooms.

The Suksan project announced the construction of phase five — a total of 5 land plots. The price for a three-bedroom house starts from 18,450,000 baht.

The developer also released a new Sunpao community for 6 plots with 3-bedroom houses, with a price starting from 13,500,000.

  • Chalong

Khram at Chalong offers state-of-the-art villas in the Chalong Mountains overlooking the sea. Their prices start from 45 million baht.

The Lavish Estates project consists of 13 houses with two floors and 3 bedrooms worth from 34 million baht in the flat part, closer to the coast.

  • Karon

Khram at Karon is a villa of two buildings on a large plot of land in Karon worth 90,000,000.

  • Kamala

Kamala FantaSea is a low-cost apartment near the sea. Local prices start from 2,380,000 baht for 26 sq. m studios.

  • Ao Por

Botanica Ocean Valley is an ultra-luxury community from Botany. There are 9 land plots for two types of villas with different numbers of bedrooms and building area. The price of a 3-bedroom residence starts from 73,000,000.

  • Nai Yang

The Title Halo closes this collection. It should be noted that there were two announcements and pre-sales. The prices were from 3,600,000 the first time and 3,960,000 the second time. The residential complex is selling out very quickly because the developer has earned a good reputation thanks to the Rawai project.

Choose the right villa complex in Thailand with professional help

The Thai market offers an extensive selection of real estate for a wide range of buyers and investors, which is encouraging. This means that you will definitely find the right property at the best price.

You can see all these housing options on the official Thailand-Real.Estate website. Your purchase will be faster and more profitable with its professional help, because market experts have deep real estate knowledge, a wide pricing policy and the most favorable places where you will find the relevant investment-attractive project.

Therefore, you should not neglect professional help. Check with the experts to win and enjoy the stunning views of your home the next day.

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