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Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Smartphone

Simple mistakes could seriously damage your smartphone. Learn what these mistakes are to avoid emergency repairs and same business day loans. Click here!

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 “A woman in a long-sleeved shirt looks down at her smartphone and smiles.”

A small mistake could do a lot of damage. Find out the small mistakes you could be making with your smartphone and how you can avoid the damage from this point forward.

Leaving Your Smartphone Naked

Your smartphone is completely naked. You took it out of the box, and you haven’t put anything on it since then. You have no screen protector, case or skin — nothing.

Why is this a mistake? You’re making your device completely vulnerable to scratches, scrapes, scuff marks and other types of damage. What if you drop your phone onto the sidewalk? What if it falls out of your pocket? The screen could break! 

It’s not like you can ignore a smashed screen. You’ll have to fix it. If you have an extended warranty, you might have coverage for the urgent repair. If you aren’t signed up for this type of plan, you’ll have to cover the cost out of pocket. 

What if you don’t have the savings for the repair? In that case, you can try to get a same business day loan to help you fix your smartphone — click here to learn what is a same business day loan and what are the qualifications you need for one.

You should only use a loan as a solution when the damage is severe — like, your screen is spider-webbed, and you can’t use it anymore. If the damage is minor, it might be better for you to wait and save up for the repair costs.

You can avoid this situation by giving your smartphone some essential protection: a sturdy smartphone case and a screen protector. You should also add an accessory like a pop-socket on the back to keep your device firmly in your hands. 

Dunking It Underwater

Many smartphones nowadays are promoted as water-resistant, so shouldn’t it be fine to bring yours for a swim? No. Your smartphone is water-resistant, not waterproof. Water-resistance is supposed to give you some relief if you accidentally spill a drink onto your device or drop it into a puddle. The feature is a failsafe for disasters, not an invitation to go swimming.

Plus, you don’t know how other contents in the water will interact with your smartphone. There’s chlorine in the swimming pool, salt in the ocean and algae in the lake water. You don’t know what these will do to your expensive tech.

If you must bring your smartphone into the water with you, give it some coverage. Use a waterproof pouch. Double-check that it’s properly sealed before you take the plunge. 

Skipping Software Updates 

You get a notification for a software update on your homescreen. You swipe it away and ignore it. A few weeks later, you get another notification and do the same. You keep ignoring these calls for updates. 

Why is this a mistake? A software update is meant to patch up vulnerabilities in your smartphone’s software. It will also add new features and improve the phone’s overall performance. 

By skipping these updates, you’re making your phone an easier target for hackers and malware. You’re also making it suffer from performance trouble. This could end up hurting your smartphone’s battery since it will require more energy to run. You could be shortening your battery’s lifespan without even realizing it.

What can you do? Go into your settings and check whether your system is up to date. If it isn’t, go ahead and run those updates until your smartphone’s system is where it should be.

These mistakes may not seem like a big deal at first, but they could ruin your smartphone. It’s time to stop. 

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