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Mastering FIFA 23 UT: Tips for Earning Gold and Improving Gameplay

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In this guide, we will give you some tips for playing FIFA23 UT and show you several ways to earn gold without putting in a lot of effort.

Earning gold

The best way to obtain a needed amount of gold is a purchase from boosting company. It is the easiest way if a player doesn’t want to spend too much time in the game and just have more fun. Gamers buy fifa coins from reliable companies so that they can be sure that their account is in safety.

Also, coins can be earned in Squad Battle. In this mode, you need to play against the compositions of other users, but under the control of artificial intelligence. The level of the opponent is selected according to the rating of your squad. It is suitable for those who still feel insecure in competitions with live players.

Complete tasks

Ultimate Team is constantly adding new special missions for rewards ranging from coins to cards. For example, you will be offered to score five goals with long-range shots or give ten assists to football players from the English Premier League. You should not ignore tasks even if you do not need the proposed player, the prize can always be exchanged in the Squad Building Challenge.

Assemble lineups in the Squad Building Challenge

In SBC mode, you need to collect teams under certain conditions. Let’s say you may be asked to assemble a squad with a rating of 85 – and that the team has three players from Italy.

For completing tasks, you can get sets of players or a specific footballer. The better the reward, the harder the tests will be. To get truly valuable players, you need to complete a series of tasks. For the sake of worthy awards, players will have to work hard. But if you have enough useless players in your squad who cannot be sold, SBC will help you exchange them for someone more in demand.

New Moments mode also helps build a FUT team

FIFA 23 introduces Moments mode. In short, you participate in prepared game situations and fulfill certain requirements. The conditions can be very different: for example, to score a goal for Mbappe after a cross. For completing tasks, you get special stars, which you can use to buy sets of players.

Gameplay Tips

Control players without the ball

You can influence players who do not own the ball using two buttons: on the PlayStation gamepads – L1 / R1, on the Xbox – LB / RB. The left one is responsible for opening the players for the transfer, and the right one calls the nearest partner to help in the ball rally. These techniques are indispensable: they improve team movement and confuse the opponent. There is also a more complex way to manipulate the ball. During the pass, you point the right stick of the gamepad in the right direction – then the player who passed the pass will run in the specified direction. The advantage is that you yourself regulate the trajectory of the player’s movement.

Use twisted punches more often

This technique is performed using the button combination R1 + O (PlayStation) or RB + B (Xbox). Two factors must be taken into account: the most effective zone for such a strike is the half-flanks, and before execution, you need to work the ball under the player’s working leg. You can see whether your player is left-handed or right-handed in the squad settings, along with all player’s other characteristics.

Try to play the ball closer to the goalkeeper

The best way to control the match is through possession of the ball. A short draw requires careful mastering: you need to learn how to pass under pressure and develop your own algorithms. But it’s worth it: effective possession of the ball makes life difficult for the opponent. It’s a bad idea to start attacks with a long carry. Riding passes are easier to intercept, and the opponent has more chances for counterattacks.

Cunning and use violations of the rules

Tactical fouls will help to disrupt the opponent’s fast attacks. It is best to use them on someone else’s half of the field: there is less chance of getting a yellow card or sending off.


When defending, it is crucial not to hastily approach attacking players. Instead, take a calculated approach and carefully time your ball selection. By accompanying your opponent and guiding them towards less threatening areas, you make it challenging for them to succeed in one-on-one situations or deliver incisive passes. This strategic approach significantly reduces the opponent’s effectiveness and enhances your defensive prowess.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the players, not their rating

A football player with a rating of 85 may be less useful for your club than a player with a rating of 81. For example, in FIFA 22, many defended the usual “gold” card Presnel Kimpembe from PSG with a rather modest rating of 83. It’s all about the speed of 81 – very decent for the defender. Perhaps Kimpembe played worse positionally than many other players in his place, but he could catch up with other people’s attackers. The same with Timo Werner’s gold card with a rating of 83. In FIFA 23, there will undoubtedly be players with moderate ratings who will prove to be more effective on the field than their higher-rated and more prestigious counterparts.

In conclusion, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team offers players a multitude of ways to earn gold and improve their gameplay experience. By exploring various game modes such as Squad Battle, completing tasks, and participating in the new Moments mode, players can accumulate valuable rewards and build a formidable FUT team. With these tips and strategies in mind, players can enhance their FIFA 23 Ultimate Team journey and reach new heights of success. So, lace up your virtual boots, embrace the challenges, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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