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Love Never Dies: Symbolise Eternal Love with an Oval Diamond

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A proposal marks the first step into a lifetime of togetherness, the first official declaration of the love two people have for one another.

The engagement ring, naturally, plays a significant part. When you’re asking her to be your partner, you want to make the moment as remarkable as she is.

Over the years, brides-to-be have gone beyond the stereotypical round-shaped diamond rings and shown much love and appreciation for oval engagement rings.

The reasons are very obvious; oval diamond rings are the epitome of grace, eternal love, and togetherness. Through this write-up, we will share with you a brief note on what the oval diamond rings symbolize and what makes them the best choice for your beloved.

Why the Oval Diamond is a Prime Choice for Engagement Rings

The famous diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan created the oval-cut diamond back in the 1960s. Little did he know the masterpiece he created! From proportional value, and gorgeous appearance to deep hidden inner meanings, oval engagement rings excel in everything.

Oval Rings Symbolize Eternity and Fertility

If words fall short of expressing how deep your love is and how much you desire to spend the rest of your love with your partner, show it to her with an oval diamond ring.

Oval engagement rings are symbolic of eternal love. It represents a prosperous marriage and a healthy future family.

Since an oval diamond resembles the shape of an egg, it symbolizes fertility and life-long commitment, making it the perfect engagement ring you can ever gift your love!

Oval Rings Represent Life and Rebirth

A ring with an oval diamond is the perfect representation of your upcoming nuptials. You are stepping into a new life, and the oval shape represents exactly that: rebirth. Its beautiful curves are symbolic of harmony, connection, and completion, which are three basic elements of a healthy and happy relationship.

If you are a shy and less expressive individual but want your partner to know how much she matters in your life, choose an oval ring for her.

Oval Rings are Unique and Classy

In a world where everyone wears a round-cut diamond, let your partner stand apart wearing an oval one. Without a doubt, oval engagement rings are very unique.

No two oval diamonds are similar, they widely vary in their proportion. So, when we say that oval diamonds are unique, we mean it.

Oval diamonds are available in longer, shorter, and flatter cuts, each having its individuality and beauty. Moreover, there are a few rare oval diamonds that are complemented with a ‘bow-tie pattern that looks beyond imagination! With several facets, oval rings sparkle so brilliantly that anyone can fall for it in just one single glance.

Needless to say, oval diamond rings are neither a flawless circle nor a polygon. The shape is unique and only fits in its oval mold. Therefore, it denotes the unique spirits of the couple, making it a whimsical choice!

Oval Diamonds are For the Bold and Risk-takers

Many say that oval diamond rings suit the bold and risk-takers. In simple words, oval-shaped diamonds complement the ones who like to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and make efforts to bring positive change.

If you think your partner is different, bold, brave, and has a go-get-it attitude, and you want to praise her for that, choose an oval ring.

The options are vast, you can either choose a larger oval diamond or a cute minimal one. You know your partner and her preferences well, so you can make the best choice!

Oval Rings are Celebrity Symbolism

Even celebrities are deeply swayed by oval engagement rings, and the beautiful pick oval ring that famous actor Ryan Reynolds gifted her wife Blake Lively is a dream ring for a lot of brides.

Pink diamonds are considered one of the rarest diamonds, and that too in oval shape is a whole different feel! The best part is that Ryan Reynolds picked it on his own and surprised Blake on the special day!

Princess Eugenie of York and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton picked oval diamond cut for their engagement rings. Therefore, you can assume how classy and glamorous the cut it is!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to making eternal promises of love and inseparability, oval engagement rings are masterpieces. Oval cut diamonds are very versatile and are curved on a ring in different settings, like parallel and perpendicular orientations, bezel settings, and so on! So, check all the available designs that you feel are the best.

Well, you can either opt for a ring with a solitaire oval diamond or one that is accented with other gemstones. No matter which one you pick, just make sure you choose the best store to get your ring so that you can get an authentic stone.

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