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4 Common Grounds for Filing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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Losing your job can be a stressful experience, especially when it happens out of the blue. But what if it was more than just an unexpected dismissal?

What if it was unjust? In cases of wrongful termination, you have the right to fight back.

This guide will walk you through four common grounds for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Together, we’ll navigate the complex world of employment law, making it easy and less overwhelming.

Buckle up, and let’s get started on this journey to justice and workplace protection.

1. Discrimination

Discrimination is like someone mistreating you because you’re different. Think about when you have a green apple and a red apple. You choose the green apple only because it’s green, not because it tastes better.

That’s not fair to the red apple, right? This happens in workplaces, too.

Sometimes, a boss might fire someone just because they’re different. Maybe they look different, believe in other things, or love differently.

That’s not right, and it’s called a discrimination claim. You might have a wrongful termination lawsuit if you lose your job because of something like this.

2. Retaliation

Imagine you’re playing a game, and you tell the teacher that someone is cheating. How would you feel if the cheater started being mean to you or stopped playing with you because you told on them? That’s what we call retaliation.

In a job, retaliation happens when a boss fires you because you reported something wrong they did, or that was happening at work, like unsafe conditions or harassment.

If you get fired for being honest and trying to help, that’s unfair. You could then have a wrongful termination lawsuit.

3. Breach of Contract

Think of a contract like a pinky promise with your best friend. You both agree to something and promise not to break it. But what happens if your friend breaks the promise?

That’s not fair, right? It’s the same with a job contract.

If your boss promises you a job for a specific time but fires you before that time is up, that’s not fair. This is called a breach of contract, meaning they didn’t keep their promise.

4. Wage Theft

Imagine you’re at a birthday party, and the host promises everyone a slice of cake. But when it’s time for cake, they don’t give you a piece. That’s not fair, right?

Well, this can happen at work. Wage theft is when your boss doesn’t give you all the money you’ve earned.

Maybe they don’t pay you for extra hours you’ve worked, or they don’t give you a break during your shift like they should. This is like not getting your slice of cake, and it’s not right.

“It’s called wage theft. If this happens to you, you must talk to a California Unpaid Wages Attorney who can help you fight for what’s rightfully yours. This could be another reason for a wrongful termination lawsuit.”

Learn Grounds for Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Now

So, that’s our journey through the world of wrongful job endings, or as we call them, wrongful termination lawsuits.

If your boss was not nice and did something unfair, like picking the green apple when the red one was just as good, breaking a pinky promise, changing the game rules, or taking your slice of cake, you might be able to fight back.

Remember, you’re not alone. Lots of people face these issues, and some people can help you. Stand up for yourself, and good luck!


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