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Learn More about Dinosaur BBQ- From Freight Company to the Best BBQ Joint in Town

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In the 1980s, there was nothing like dinosaur BBQ; dinosaur BBQ began in 1983 as a mobile business stand, built using a half-cut 55-gallon drum. John Stage conceived the idea of dinosaur BBQ in partnership with two others at a motorbike gathering close to Albany in New York.

The three investors started the restaurant with a fundamental belief that even the motorcycle riders deserved a better dish. The bar-b-que ran for about five years as a roadside stand, serving motor rider shows and other festivals across the northeast.

Five years later, in 1988, the dinosaur relocated from the roadside business stand to a more formal setting in downtown Syracuse in New York, Where the dinosaur had expanded to a dinner BBQ joint. In two years, the restaurant recorded a remarkable growth where it had developed almost three times. The dinosaur BBQ could now offer dining in full service. And there was also a full bar service equipped with live music performances.

Ever since, the dinosaur has recorded tremendous growth and is now operating in 6 locations in New York, namely, buffalo, troy, Harlem, Rochester, and dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn, which started its operations recently in 2013.

Dinosaur BBQ Awards and Recognitions

The dinosaur BBQ has won several national and international recognition in various European countries and has a presence in japan. The restaurant has gained recognition in the United States from Good morning America and other food and travel networks and shows. With these positive customer responses, the dinosaur continues to expand in the country, with dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn and buffalo being more recent.

The dinosaur foods and sauces are also recognized by several publications, including the men’s health and eating well magazine, for their specialty and best spices and sauce. The dinosaur BBQ cookbook also received the highest votes as the best bar-b-que cookbook in 2002, which the national association of BBQs confirmed.

What to expect at Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn?

The dinosaur BBQ is best known for its spicy, rubbed, delicious chicken smoked in a pit and well finished on a grill. At Dino BBQ, homemade, quality, and freshly are their watchwords. Hospitality in dinosaur BBQ is given greater attention and has provided a restaurant with a distinctive characteristic from other BBQs in the country. 

The quality of services offered at Dino BBQ is homogenous, starting from Rochester, the oldest, to the dinosaur BBQ Brooklyn– the latest branch to start operations in New York. The restaurant’s uniqueness relies firmly on its desire to stick to its tradition.

Popular Foods At Dinosaur BBQ

The prices charged at the restaurant are fair and comply with the New York standards. At Dino BBQ, you expect to be served with a full flavor of chicken wings, sausages, crackers, and cheese is also available at your convenience. The wedge salad, chopped salad, brisket, and BBQ chicken, among other foods, are the biggest source of their pride.



Nobody could believe in 1983, when dinosaur BBQ started, that it would expand to be the best BBQ restaurant in town. Today the restaurant is available in more than six locations in New York, with dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn and buffalo starting operation in 2013 and 2014, respectively. The restaurant has received good customer reviews in various European countries and is also available in Asian countries like japan.  

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