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Facts About Jay Ersapah: Financial Analyst And LGBTQ+ Activist

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Do you know about Jay Ersapah? A popular financial analyst who worked at Silicon Valley Bank as a financial risk manager. SVB is one of the leading banks for technology and innovation companies.

She is also known as an LGBTQ+ activist who co-chaired the European LGBTQ Employee Resource Group. Her name was also mentioned in the list of SVB’s Outstanding LGBT+ role models in 2022.

Being a co-chairperson of European LGBTQ+ employees, she tried to create a safe environment for LGBTQ+ employees. The previous year, in March 2023, she faced so much criticism when Silicon Valley Bank collapsed because of a series of bad loans and regulatory violations.

Let’s talk about the profile of popular LGBTQ+ activist Jay Ersapah’s Ersapah’s life.

Quick Facts About Jay Eraspah

  • Jay Ersapah was the financial risk manager at Silicon Valley Bank.
  • She is a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and her name was also included in the LGBT+ role model list in 2022.
  • Jay is a co-chair of the European LGBTQ Employee Resource Group, which aims to provide a safer environment to the LGBTQ community.
  •  Jay has a bachelor’s degree in economics.
  • Jay is also a writer and has written many blogs about mental health and intersectionality.

Early Life of Jay Ersapah

Jay was born in 1982 in Birmingham, United Kingdom; in 2024, she will be 43 years old. She never talks about her parents and siblings because we don’t have information regarding it. Jay Ersapah went to Queen Elizabeth College and got a bachelor’s degree in economics.

She also earned an A-level diploma from Cambridge High School. After completing their studies, Jay started her career and went to a firm for an internship. Let’s have a look at her career.


Jay was passionate about her career, so she did an internship at Ernst  & Young that is a global professional services firm. After that, Jay enrolled herself in the Citi Graduate Program, which was a training and development program for aspiring bankers.

Furthermore, the activist started a job in a multinational bank, Barclays, as a senior manager of risk analysis. She secured her position at a global consulting firm named Deloitte as a recovery and planning head. In that position, she had advised the client about financial reconstructing and crisis management.

Finally, in 2019, her career started with Silicon Valley Bank as the head of financial risk management. She was dealing with three major locations: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

At that time, she was living in London. Jay looks after the risk management policies such as market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and compliance risk. Actually, she had a team of risk analysts who the bank’s exposure to various types of risks.Jay Ersapah Age

She really worked hard and expanded the SVB operations in the EMEA region, especially in the technology and innovation sector. The bank started many lending activities that she supported, like venture capital firms,  private equity firms, and corporate clients.

In addition,  she played a major role in SVB’s diversity and initiatives, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. She became the co-chair of a European LGBTQ employee resource group that aimed to provide a safer environment for the LGBTQ+ community. For that purpose, Jay organized many awareness events that talked about LGBTQ+  culture and identity.

On behalf of this, her name was included in the list of  OUTStanding LGBT+ role models in 2022. Not only this, she also wrote many articles and blogs regarding this and also for mental health as well.


SVB collapsed in March 2023 because of bad loans and regulatory violations, resulting in massive losses. The SVB failed to conduct proper due diligence and compliance checks on its browsers.

It triggered a wave of lawsuits, investigations, and public outrage from the bank’s customers, investigators, employees, and regulators. Many people say it is all because of Abourvbank’s negligence and mismanagement.

Among others, Jay Eraspah was the one who faced criticism in the bank’s collapse. Everyone accused her of prioritizing the LGBTQ+ initiatives over the bank’s core business responsibilities. When the bank collapsed, she launched a pride campaign to distract people’s attention.

Even many people questioned her qualifications and competence as a financial risk manager. According to many people, she lacked experience, which is why she did not manage the serious risk issues that SVB faced.

Some said she was promoted because of her identity, not on the merit base. Jay did not respond to criticism or accusations in all this mess.

Personal life

Jay Eraspah never revealed her private life, so no one knows if she has been in any romantic relationship. Jay has been identified as a queen woman of color.

Physical Attributes

The talented lady’s eyes and hair color are black. She has a gorgeous personality, weighing 53 kg and standing 5 feet and 6 inches. Jay Eraspah’s body measurements are 34-24-34 inches. The slim-fit lady has black eyes and hair.

Social Media Appearance

Jay Eraspahh is active on Instagram and Linked. She shares mostly about her work achievements, professional life, personal opinions, etc. Jay uses her social media accounts for the awareness campaign of LGBTQ+. 

Jay Eraspah’s Net Worth

Jay Eraspah’s net worth is around $1.3 million to $1.5 million, which she earned from her career as a financial risk manager. She received many bonuses and stock options that contributed to her wealth.

Her salary at Silicon Valley Bank was not disclosed, but it would be good. Despite the criticism of the collapsing Silicon Valley Bank, Jay has always maintained an exceptional position throughout her career.

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