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The World’s Biggest and Most Infamous Football Betting Scandals!

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Are you looking to get more involved in NFL betting for the upcoming season? Do you want to capitalize on college football by making a good amount of money? If so, then you aren’t alone!

Believe it or not, fans aren’t the only ones that enjoy making NFL and NCAA football bets. On numerous occasions, there have been players, coaches, and refs that have broken rules and skewed calls/scores, all for the chance to win a bigger payout on an illegal bet.

See below for some of the most jaw-dropping, infamous football betting scandals of all time. What better way to ring in the new football season, right?

The “Art” of Sports Betting

Art Schlichter had it made in the shade. The Ohio State product was the fourth overall pick of the 1982 NFL draft, going to the Baltimore Colts to help them right the ship.

Instead, Art took a different approach. Rather than focusing on the production on the football field, he wanted to make more money by betting on a plethora of sports games. But here’s the kicker: he was accused of betting on NFL games, as well.

That conflict of interests never crossed the line, however, since he was never found guilty (or even accused) of betting on NFL games he played in.

However, with all of the sports betting, he was kicked out of the NFL only three years after being drafted as the fourth overall pick. Talk about a first-round bust!

Because of his story, it isn’t uncommon for NFL teams to do extensive research on prospects for potential scandals or signs of an addiction to sports betting. Ironically, most of that research is performed with in-person interviews at the combine, which is always hosted at the Colts’ Stadium in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Art has learned his lesson. Back in August of 2020, he was sentenced to more jail time for excessive gambling and cocaine use.

We Never “Shaw” It Coming

The state of Arizona is no stranger to sports betting. It is a frequent host of big-time games, such as the Super Bowl, the annual Fiesta Bowl, the NCAA basketball Final Four tournament, and so on.

Typically, when we think of sports betting scandals, we assume all of these scandals took place in the early 2000s, 90s, 80s, or even earlier before the internet was as prevalent as it is today.

After all, NFL players are held under such a microscope these days by the media. Surely no present-day NFL player would attempt to bet on NFL football, right? Wrong.

The National Football League makes it very clear to all teams that nobody that works in the NFL is allowed to bet on NFL football. That refers to refs, coaches, active players, inactive players, front office workers, the janitor of the training facility—everyone.

Being on injured reserve at the time, Arizona Cardinals’ cornerback Josh Shaw didn’t think that those rules applied to him. He thought that his inactive status gave him the green light to bet on NFL games.

As soon as Roger Gooddell and the NFL caught wind of this, they shut it down. He was suspended for the entirety of the following season (2020) for placing a legal football in Vegas.

To Shaw’s defense, he placed the bet legally and, after a deep investigation, was found to not have used any insider information when placing his 3-leg parlay bet. However, rules are rules!

A Tale of Two Toledos

Who doesn’t love betting on NCAA football? If you’re big on college sports betting, then you should check out this site for a college football pick parlay.

The guys on the University of Toledo football team certainly enjoyed it. So much so that they would place bets on their own games, then tarnish their play to help control a bigger payout.

The biggest example of this is when Toledo’s star running back, Quinton Broussard intentionally fumbled the football on the goal line during a bowl game! He admitted later that he fumbled it on purpose for a $500 compensation.

Do you think that’s shocking? Get this: the University of Toledo’s basketball team was found guilty of sports betting issues as well!

Broadway Joe

Joe Namath was one of the most iconic football players of his generation. He famously retired after winning Super Bowl III, but the reason for his retirement isn’t as well known.

Being all about capitalizing on fame, Joe Namath opened his nightclub, the Bachelor III (a nod to his Super Bowl III victory). The regulars at that nightclub were suspect at best, including bookmakers and those that tried to ensure victory on their sports bets.

After the NFL commissioner demanded that Broadway Joe sell his portion of the Bachelor III, Namath decided to retire instead. Talk about commitment!

Poster Children

Joe Namath’s nightclub wasn’t the only issue that Pete Rozelle (NFL commissioner, at the time) would have to fight through.

Since the National Football League was gaining traction in American sports, the commissioner wanted to crack down on any gambling among players that might shine a negative aspersion on the NFL.

Two famous players, Alex Karras and Paul Hornung became the poster child for this new movement when the commissioner banned them for an entire season.

Up Your Football Betting Today

The NFL and college football season has started, and it’s time for you to capitalize on your football betting! Be sure to start researching all the teams to keep an eye out for this season.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on online sports betting, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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