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How Did Casinos Evolve Over Time?

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Gambling has changed since it was first discovered many years ago which goes as far back as 2300bc. Yet, it wasn’t until 1638 when the first casino, Casino di Venezia, was first opened in Venice, Italy. Since its early arrival into our world, it’s been a big part of our society ever since. And as years go by, it continuously rises in popularity as well as in innovation. When it became accessible to players online all over the world, it’s remained one of the leading sources of entertainment worldwide. With the increase in access and availability, the importance of responsible gaming practices at the best online casino has become a vital aspect of the success a casino site has.

As gambling has evolved over the centuries, the types of games have evolved tremendously. Learn more about the changes that the gambling industry has experienced throughout history.

First Signs of Gambling

According to history, it was actually the Chinese who invented the first gambling game in 2300bc when tiles were used to create a type of lottery game. Afterward, it was the Greeks who utilized dice to pass their free time, even though gambling in Greece was illegal even back then. History also says that Native Americans created games of chance and used dice made from plum stones as part of their spiritual belief system. They used dice to foresee the future of other individuals and they also used them to win items from one another, as a form of lottery almost.

The Beginning of Slot Machines

Slot machines were one of the earliest forms of gambling, with the first slot machine ever being developed in 1891. This type of machine could be found in various bars and back then, only cost a single nickel to play. To play, you had to drop your money into the slot, turn the handle, and then pull the switch to be playing. And whoever placed the cards at the top of the reels would earn prizes. But, the prizes were claimed from the bar such as free liquors or cigarettes.

Internet Gambling

Online casinos were fist developed in 1994 when Microgaming, a leading software provider even today, co-developed the launch of the first-ever online gambling site in partnership with Cryptologic. Ever since this first development, it continued to grow and develop everywhere. In 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established which has and still issues gaming licenses. Between the end of 1996 and 1997, online gambling sites increased to about 15. Further, by 1997, the online gambling industry grew significantly and brought in $1 billion in revenue.

The Advancements of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gaming became more prevalent since 2005 and has been another leading advancement of the online gaming industry. With the introduction and growth of smartphones, it’s not surprising that the evolution of online gaming from mobile devices would become so widespread. More online casino sites have fully optimized their websites to be accessed from mobile devices. The same goes for game development, the leading software providers are making most of their games mobile-friendly from the get-go.

Furthermore, the global pandemic in 2020, it has brought a tremendous interest to the online gambling space than ever before. Since it doesn’t require players to leave their homes, they are now finding themselves gambling online at licensed casino sites or sports betting sites. Lastly, it’s predicted that the industry will only continue to grow along with the advancing technology developments such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The interest is there, so it’s certain that it will only move forward in a positive way.

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