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Best Free Games to Play in 2024

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When it comes to mobile games, there’s no shortage of options for every interest and gaming preference out there. Through app stores, you’ll find options ranging from puzzle and word games to racing, first-person shooter, and endless runner games to keep you entertained.

From shiny and new games to classic games standing the test of time, here’s a list of the best free games you can play on your phone.

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Monopoly Go!

If you’re a classic Monopoly board game fan, this mobile game may just win you over. As the name suggests, it’s based on the original Monopoly game but with a few twists to make it mobile and single-player friendly (though if you wanted to, you could even play this version with friends). You get to move along the Monopoly board, collect properties and money, and explore different themes and cities along the way.


This virtual card game has been around for a long time, yet it still holds a certain appeal that makes it an addictive game to play and still has tons of people downloading it to their phones.

It was originally created to help early computer users learn how to navigate using a mouse. However, it has kept a strong hold on anyone looking for a breather from everyday life.

Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle game has been a favorite for people of all ages since it launched over a decade ago. The simple premise of matching tiles paired with a colorful and engaging game display makes this an addictive and enjoyable mobile game.

Royal Match

Another tile-matching game like Candy Crush Saga is Royal Match, but it’s set itself apart by adding a little extra incentive — trying to save characters from tragic ends. You need to make the right moves to save these characters from disasters like fires and floods, and the moves need to be made quickly to succeed.

Jackpot Party Casino Slots

When you think of online casino games, you might expect that you need to pay to play, but with games like Jackpot Party Casino Slots, you can spend hours playing free games that test your luck. They hold all the excitement and fun of in-person casinos right at your fingertips.

Temple Run

This endless runner game is fun and addictive, with the primary goal to outrun demon monkeys while holding on to the item stolen from their temple (it delivers some serious Indiana Jones vibes).

It’s been around for more than a decade but continues to be popular; in fact, it’s so popular that there have been tons of spin-offs and different versions of the game.

Mario Kart Tour

With this game, you can relive your childhood Mario Kart days on your phone. All the classic Mario Kart characters are present and ready to race on new tracks worldwide. It’s a nostalgic and fun game that keeps you entertained for hours on end.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is a thrilling video game created by one of the most popular gaming companies in the world that has challenged and entertained gamers for years. Thanks to the mobile version, you can bring the thrill of this game anywhere you go. And if you really want to recreate the complete video game experience, you can even get a game controller attachment for your phone.


In this game, your goal is to restore a garden to its former glory by beating the tile-matching challenges sent your way. If gardens don’t hold your interest, you can also try the home restoration version, Homescapes.


This is yet another classic game that people love to play. It’s been around since 1985, yet it still keeps us entertained and continues to be a popular game downloaded to our phones.

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

This puzzle game keeps you on your toes by challenging you to find the proper sequence to take apart bolted-together wood slats. It’s a simple game that has become incredibly popular among mobile gamers.

Classic Sudoku!

Classic is in this game’s name for a reason: sudoku puzzles have stood the test of time and show no signs of slowing down. This is one of the best games for challenging your mind and keeping you entertained.

New York Times Crosswords

Most of us don’t get physical newspapers anymore, which you would think means we can’t take part in the daily games like the crossword. Fortunately, games like the New York Times Crosswords help fill this void in our lives.

Subway Surfers

This endless runner game has you outrunning an inspector and his dog through the subway system. While making your getaway, you must dodge obstacles, like subway trains, to be successful. It’s a simple premise that will keep you glued to your screen.


This cutting-edge game offers a virtual universe where you can build anything you dream of and connect with friends and other players. Within Roblox, you’ll find a vast range of games, the most popular being role-playing games, or you can even develop your own game.


Township is a city-building game that allows you to create your own town that you support through activities like farming and mining. It couples strategy with planning to keep you busy building the town of your dreams.

Clash of Clans

This incredibly popular strategy game challenges you to develop your own village and clan that can go to war against other clans and ideally come out the other side as the winner. The game first launched over a decade ago and has held gamers’ attention, keeping them entertained and going off to fight clans.

Mobile Games Are for Everyone and Anyone


Whether you play to challenge your mind, to stay entertained, or to take a break from the busyness that is modern life, mobile games have you covered. The only question left to ask is, which game will you play first?

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