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Which glasses fit your face shape? All explained

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Round glasses, browline glasses, pilot frames or cat eye? There are lots of different shapes and styles of eyeglass frames and it can be difficult to know which ones suit you best. Your face shape can be a clue to choosing the right bow. Here you get tips on which glasses fit your face shape, regardless of whether you are buying glasses with or without strength or sunglasses. Curious? Just keep reading until the end!

Round face – you fit in more marked spectacle frames

A round face shape has soft shapes and is about as wide as long. Glasses with more marked edges fit your face well. Try more rectangular frames or glasses with a square and sharp shape to create more contrast to your soft face shape. Do not rush in choosing because the more careful you are, the more satisfied you will be after you actually buy.

Square face – you fit in round glasses

Marked jaw, wide forehead, and clear cheekbones? Then you belong to the group that has a square face shape. Just as round faces need to create more contrast with marked arches, those with a more square face can choose round shapes. Try a pair of glasses that are softer in shape, round, oval, or cat-shaped, and that follow the eyebrows.

Oval face – you fit in all types of spectacle frames

Neither round nor square? If you have jaws that are narrower than the forehead with high cheekbones, you probably have an oval face shape. This type of face shape does not really have any limitations when it comes to the shape of glasses. So take the opportunity to experiment and maybe test a pair of glasses with a wide frame or why not butterfly-shaped glasses? Oval face eyeglasses are what you need to “fix your face”.

Heart-shaped face – you fit in square glasses

A heart-shaped face has soft curves, is widest at the cheeks and gradually narrows towards the chin. With such a shape, you should look for a square spectacle frame with a rounded skirt. Spectacle frames with a marked frame can be too much for you, so feel free to try glasses with a less clear frame to emphasize your face. Even oval and cat eye-shaped glasses suit you with a heart-shaped face.

Triangular face – choose distinctive spectacle frames

You are narrower across the forehead and gradually become wider at the bottom. With a triangular or drop-shaped face, you dress in arches that are more prominent at the top and less prominent at the bottom. With a spectacle frame that is dark at the top and lighter at the bottom, the spectacle frame balances your face shape. You also dress in glasses without a frame.

Reverse triangle – you fit in feline glasses

Your shape is like an inverted triangle or inverted drop shape when the forehead is the widest part while the chin is narrower. If you have such a face shape, you should look for shapes that draw focus out and up. For example, you can be inspired by 50s and 60s-inspired cat glasses, the so-called cat eye shape.

Oblong face – test a pilot bow

Do you have a narrower face that is a little longer and with high cheekbones and a high forehead? To create balance, you can try a larger spectacle frame, perhaps a pilot frame, or a larger square frame. To create balance, you can also test glasses with larger lenses and a more marked frame. Hopefully, everything described in this article was really useful to you. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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