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Top Blockchain Certifications for Professionals in 2022

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Blockchain is the biggest find in the world of technology in the recent decade. It has introduced decentralization and immutability in the exchange of information and financial transactions. However, the growing use of blockchain has also spurred the demand for professionals with a blockchain certification proving their expertise.

At the same time, it is also important to wonder about the possible choice of certifications for blockchain professionals. The world needs blockchain professionals for the future, and you can become one by choosing the right certification. Let us find out the details of some of the best blockchain certifications for you in 2022.

Best Blockchain Certification Courses for You

The path to selecting top blockchain certifications is not as easy as many assume it to be. You could not just pick any random certification on blockchain technology and expect it to drive your career further. On the contrary, you need to look for a credible certification and training provider who can serve notable career advantages.

101 Blockchains is one of the reliable choices among blockchain course and certification providers for accessing blockchain certifications. You can find six different blockchain certifications by 101 Blockchains tailored for the new generation of blockchain professionals. Here is an overview of the blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains and how they can help you.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification is the best blockchain certification for any aspiring professional. It can help you discover the easiest way to learn the business value of blockchain. The CEBP certification helps you develop skills in identifying suitable tools for blockchain implementation in businesses. Certification is also an effective tool for improving your scope for blockchain transformation through the latest actionable tools.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect or CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains is one of the best blockchain courses which can drive career advantages for you. Candidates qualifying for the CEBA certification can help candidates in proving their knowledge of blockchain architecture and the advanced concepts for development. You can develop fluency in different blockchain use cases alongside selecting suitable solutions according to customer needs.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification is one of the significant entries among blockchain certification courses on 101 Blockchains. It is a vital certification for professionals as it helps in proving their skills for ensuring security of blockchain-based systems and solutions.

The certification proves the fluency of an individual in understanding blockchain security risks alongside performing blockchain threat modeling. You can explore many lucrative career opportunities with a specialization in blockchain security, particularly with an industry-recognized certification.

Certified NFT Professional

The Certified NFT Professional or CNFTP certification on 101 Blockchains is proof of how the platform is revolutionary in terms of training and certification courses. It is a reliable blockchain certification for professionals interested in understanding how NFTs work and their relation with Ethereum blockchain. The certification also dives into learning about the scope and goals of NFTs alongside the best methods for interacting with NFTs.

Certified Metaverse Professional

Another best blockchain certification from 101 Blockchains, the Certified Metaverse Professional or CMP certification, stands out for many reasons. The foremost highlight of CMP certification is that it deals with a futuristic concept like the metaverse. Learners can explore the relationship between metaverse and blockchain alongside reflecting on different use cases of the metaverse. You can also prove your fluency in the methods and best practices for using the metaverse.

Certified Web 3.0 Professional

The credibility of 101 Blockchains as the first spot to find a blockchain course or certification is evident in certifications like CW3P certification. The Certified Web 3.0 Professional certification is an interesting addition for professionals seeking ways to prepare for technologies of the future. As web3 technologies start transforming the web, certified web3 professionals can serve as vital assets for businesses.

Bottom Line

The top blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains for professionals in 2022 reveal many promising implications for everyone who wants a career in blockchain. It is important to note that the certifications don’t only deal with blockchain but also with new concepts like the metaverse and NFTs.

At the same time, the facility of expert instructors and round-the-clock support fuel the learning experience of aspiring professionals with helpful insights. You don’t have to learn blockchain technologies like a machine, as the certifications offer flexible access and learning privileges. Explore the details of the blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains and start building your blockchain career right now.

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