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Top 8 typography tips for a spectacular web design!

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Designing a website is more about how it looks in front of visitors. Visitors these days are very particular about what they are getting served in front of them. At least 90% of your web information includes texts. Thus while you are working on your web designs, you must keep some of the typography essentials in your mind check here Atlanta web design. A good typography design can improve the visible appeal of your site and help your visitors to stay hooked to your pages for a long time. So, always opt for top-notch designing services of an experienced web design agency Sydney to create stellar typography for your website. Here are some effective typography tips that you need to know now.

  1. Give it some space

What would you do when you spot a website with stuffed texting with fewer and haphazard spaces? You will simply leave the site after getting annoyed, right? This is exactly why you should keep the focus on arranging the spacing in your texts. Make proper utilization of the white spaces. Maintain adequate spacing between the lines, letters, and paragraphs so that readers can have ease in reading your content.

  1. Pick the right font size

The font size you are picking should be appropriate. It should not be too small that causes strain on the eyes of the visitors, or it must not be too big that it takes up a lot of space. You can keep the font size as 14px for desktops. But when it comes to mobile optimization, you need to check the font sizing across all the suitable resolutions. You can use media queries to pick readable typography for hand-held devices.

  1. Take note of the color contrasts

The color contrast should be a matter of greater concern since if your texts are not readable on a certain colored background, your users will get annoyed. Thus better color contrasts should be maintained all over. While you are thinking of the color of your mobile typography, take care of the bright and dark comparison. If you are using a darker background, then bright-colored fonts will do good and vice-versa.

  1. You should choose a good  font

A good and readable clean looking font is highly necessary. You can get access to a myriad of alluring fonts that look stylish. But when it comes to creating a website, your focus should be more on readability and less on styling. Choose font styles where every alphabet is easy to understand. Do not use too many complicated designs. Keep it clean and simple.

  1. Consider the proper alignment

Text alignment is one of the most important factors that you must take care of. Usually, texts come with left alignments that stack at the right side of the block. However, for titles or some headings, designers also prefer center alignment. Whatever alignment you are using needs to be very clear, and it should have justification. Try to maintain consistency with the alignment.

  1. Make proper utilization of the white space

Too much text without any white space in-between can be utterly boring. Thus you should maintain the proper utilization of the white spaces.  You can use it for CTAs or placing other clickable links. You can add relevant images in between paragraphs. It will help your users to have an easy digest of the entire content.

  1. Have a look at the font-weight

The font-weight is another important factor that you must consider while you are creating a stellar website design. Mobile fonts are usually smaller than desktops. Thus you should take care of the fonts’ readability and clickability. You can make a font more impactful by experimenting with the font weights. You can use multiple font weights for a site and test its application all over the various resolutions. It will also help you to prevent any kind of disruption.

  1. Keep the background in mind

The type, style, color, pattern, and weight of the text that you should pick are highly dependent on the background you are using. Based on the subject matter and the gradient of your background, you should pick typography that reiterates a similar tone.


So are you thinking of designing a very eye-catching web design? Then you need to put a wholesome effort into the typography. You can use the above-mentioned tricks, which are highly beneficial to give you the results which can be very effective.

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