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TikTok Halloween Announcement: AR Effects and Top Hashtags

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TikTok, the famous video-sharing app, is getting into the Halloween mood with a spine-chilling twist. They just debuted an array of Halloween-themed AR effects and images, with the goal of combining users’ content with the creepy mood of the season.

TikTok isn’t just for ghost stories and spooky houses this Halloween. It’s all about bringing those scary emotions into your living space. Users can now get help perfecting their Halloween makeup looks, whether replicating a frightening creature from a horror movie or simply matching their wardrobe for the night, with cosmetics-inspired effects at the forefront.

There are currently numerous makeup-creating tools available on the app. Not only may they inspire your unique Halloween costume, but they’re also great for showcasing your following.

Spooky AR Effects: TikTok has introduced some interesting new Augmented Reality effects to help you achieve the perfect Halloween look. From horror movie makeup effects to other creepy images, the app has you covered!

Halloween Challenge: Calling all creators of AReffects! TikTok is now doing a “Spooky Halloween” challenge. You may win up to $2,500 if you’re a member of the Effects House and create the spookiest effect. The contest begins on October 12th, so stay tuned for stronger frightful effects!

For Brands: Pay attention if you’re a brand! Approximately 80% of TikTok users believe the app inspires them to buy or try new things. So, joining the Halloween full could be a smart promotional move this month.

Popular Halloween Hashtags: Want to see what’s trending this Halloween on TikTok? Here are some top hashtags:

  • #Halloween (179.1B views)
  • #BooBasket (215.6M views)  
  • #12ftskeleton (155.2M views)
  • #HorrorBookTok (111.6M views)
  • #TikTokHalloween (17.8B views)
  • #HalloweenMakeup (11.6B views)
  • #HalloweenCostume (10.5B views)
  • #PumpkinSeason (9.3B views)
  • #HalloweenDecor (3.6B views)
  • #SpookyTreats (4.4B views)
  • #spookybooks (34.8M views)

So, if you’re on TikTok, now’s the time to get into the Halloween mood! For more updates, keep checking our website.

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