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The main criteria when choosing a car for rent and what you should pay attention to 

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In many cases, renting a car is the most comfortable and rational option. This service is especially relevant when traveling abroad, for example, to the Emirates.

Whether traveling for business or tourism, Rolls Royce rental Dubai is a luxurious and comfortable option for you. Sports car rental Dubai will help out whether you are on a trip with the whole family or coming alone for a business meeting.

A huge advantage of turning to Renty, a reliable and trustworthy rental company, is that you do not need to leave a deposit for a car rental. Thus, a solid amount of money will remain at your disposal for personal expenses.

Criteria for choosing a car for rent

Of course, your final decision to rent a car will directly depend on the combination of price and quality.

Discounts will also play a role: most rental companies are willing to make concessions for customers who are ready to rent a car for a long time.

However, you will inevitably have to face the process of inspecting and choosing a car.

Body type

Body type is the determining factor that influences the choice of a car in general. If you need a representative and solid option, then you better choose a sedan.

For a family or a large company, a hatchback or station wagon is better than others.

For country trips, it is better to take an SUV (for off-road) or a pickup truck (for field and country roads).

A crossover is a universal option for almost all use cases: such a car has a soft suspension, relatively high cross-country ability, looks good, and offers a large amount of space in the cabin.


Depending on the purpose of the rented car, you should pay attention to its appearance. For country trips, this does not really matter, unless there are obvious signs of damage on the car.

In this case, you should take a closer look at the chassis and engine.

For events, holidays, and other similar occasions, only a car in good condition is suitable: without scratches, chips, or scuffs on the body.

It is also worth paying attention to the discs: they should also be free of visible signs of use.

Model and manufacturer

It is also worth paying attention to such banal parameters as the manufacturer of the car, its model, and its year of manufacture.

Interior condition

When you have figured out whether the exterior of the car suits you, you should deal with the interior. Pay attention to the seat cover.

Height and position adjustments should also work. After leaving, you are unlikely to have time to change the car for this reason, and you will certainly lose convenience.

It is desirable to have headrests, armrests, and cup holders. These are the attributes of a really comfortable car for travel.

If you rent a car for events for a short time, then the last tip can be ignored.

Child seat

If you plan to use a child seat, install it in advance and evaluate its convenience for the child. Ideally, it is better to rent crossovers and SUVs, because they have more space for the driver and passengers.

The disadvantage of such cars is their relatively high fuel consumption in the combined cycle of use.

The presence of a video recorder

An important point that will help to avoid many controversial situations. If there is still no place for the DVR, then check with the landlord whether it is possible to use your own: this way, you can avoid hefty fines for an accident.

Additional options

Check if there is a place for a child seat and if the company rents them out. Check the safety of the seat belts and fasteners in advance.

Ideally, you need to come with the child and let him sit in the chair since he will have to go for a long time, and any inconvenience will be remembered for a long time and seriously spoil the impression of the trip.

Also check if the car has a first aid kit, a jack, a spare tire, and a fire extinguisher. A pump with other basic tools for auto repair in an emergency will not be superfluous. Check if the alarm works and is set correctly.

Condition of the chassis and engine

The most important item on the list is checking the technical condition of the car. You can’t check the surface.

The only option is to drive your car through the parking area. Pay attention to whether the steering wheel turns smoothly in both directions.

Final words

Choosing a car to rent is an important part of any trip. If you approach it with intelligence and responsibility, then you will be able to find a great option at a good price.

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