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‘Stranger Things Questions’ Need Answer in Season 5

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Being fans of Stranger Things, all of us must have seen season 4  9 episodes. To be honest, we’re still not emotionally recovered from all the drama, adventure, and heartbreak. A vicious demo bat attack in the Upside Down killed Eddie Munson, as he tried to buy more time for Nancy, Robin, and Steve in their search for Vecna.

As the Duffer Brothers have done with Barb and Bob the Brain. It is unknown whether Max will wake up after Eleven brings her back to life. Stranger Things Season 5 is expected to be out in the summer of 2025. There are some Stranger Things Questions that need to be answered in Season 5.

Is Max going to wake up from coma?

In the finale, Eleven tries to save Max from Vecna’s curse by piggybacking on her memories. Even though Eleven defeats the villain, Max succumbs to her injuries and dies in Lucas’s arms. As a result of El’s powers, Max is revived and brought back to life. Max is still in a coma, and Lucas says she may never wake up.

The actress who portrays Max, Sadie Sink, is unsure how her storyline will unfold. “[The Duffer Brothers] have been very secretive about season five… I don’t know what’s going to happen in five,” she told Deadline in a July 4 interview. Because Max is in a coma, Eleven can’t find her in the void, so her storyline hangs in the air. Who knows where she is and what state she’s in?”

Dr. Owens, what happened to him?

During the U.S. military infiltration of the Ruth, Nevada, a secret lab, Dr. Brenner handcuffed Dr. Owens. Eleven wants to return to Hawkins, but Dr. Brenner wants her to stay. We don’t see Dr. Owens for the rest of the season, as the military presumably killed Dr. Brenner. As a result, his fate is a bit unclear.

Is Jonathan trying to find out what Steve said to Nancy?

In the final two episodes, Nancy finds herself in a love triangle with Jonathan and Steve. The couple – who have been dating long distance for some time – are living through a rough patch and, admittedly, are close to breaking up. Do you remember the dream I told you about?

What’s the deal with the Winnebago? What if you could see the country in six golden nuggets? All of it is true. I agree with every word. However, I left out one part. It’s the essential part. There you are. As they walk through the forest in the Upside Down, he says, “You’ve always been there.” Wow.

Will has returned to Hawkins, will Vecna curse him?

In episode nine, Will tells Mike that Vecna isn’t dead; he’s weak. Now that I’m in Hawkins, I can feel him. He’s hurt. There’s a lot of pain in his heart. Will says, “But he’s still alive.” “Strangely, I know who he was, but I still remember what he thought and how he thought.”

We also see Will touch his neck when he feels the Mind Flayer near Hopper’s cabin in the woods. What does this mean for Vecna’s next victim? Is part of the monster still capable of will?

Will Eddie’s name be cleared?

I’ve said it once (OK, many times), and I’ll repeat it: Justice for Eddie Munson. He dies in Dustin’s arms after a brutal demo bat attack in the Upside Down. Despite being a hero for the town, he was made out to be a demon killer.

There’s some speculation that Eddie could come back, maybe in memory like Billy Hargrove did this past season. But we need confirmation that Eddie’s name will be cleared of murder in exchange for his passionate, good-natured, charismatic spirit.

Robin and Vickie: what’s next?

Vickie (Robin’s bandmate and crush) reveals that she and her boyfriend have broken up and are now single after bumping into each other while making PB&J sandwiches at the relief center.

This scene between Robin and Vickie doesn’t involve any romance, but it certainly highlights their chemistry and paves the way for a Robin-Vickie relationship in the future.

What about Hawkins High’s jocks?

Jason fell victim to the chasm when the gates to the Upside Down cracked open. It confirmed the fate of the Hawkins jocks, who were (and may remain) determined to frame Dungeons & Dragons as the killers of Chrissy, Fred, and Patrick. Despite this, it is unclear what happened to the others and whether they will continue to pursue Dustin, Lucas, Will, Mike, and the others.

Is Hawkins planning to do it the same way?

Hawkins is torn apart by massive fault lines at the scene of Vecna’s killing, creating a vast entrance to the Upside Down. When the California crew returns, Hawkins High has been turned into a relief center, and the town is in a state of emergency.

The last scene shows snow-like particles falling from the sky, grass and greenery dying, and giant plumes of smoke rising from Hawkins’ Upside Down gates. El, Mike, Will, Nancy, Jonathan, Hop, and Joyce watch in terror.

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