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Moderna Vaccine Moves Closure to US Approval: How It’s different from Pfizer

Moderna Vaccine
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After endorsing the vaccine in the USA by experts, now the second coronavirus vaccine is near to approval. FDA head said his agency would move quickly to authorized Moderna vaccine, allows the company to start shipping millions of doses.

In a tweet of President Donald Trump, we saw that the vaccine has already been overwhelmingly approved. Pfizer has approved earlier. The death toll passed 300,000 over this week. FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn said his agency had informed Moderna would work rapidly towards issuing emergency use authorization. Earlier this week, it proved that the Moderna vaccine was safe and 94% effective.

The United States agreed to purchase the 200 million vaccines immediately, and six million could be ready to ship when the FDA proves. Dr. James Hildreth said, “Two vaccines will be available in December.

How Does Moderna Differ from the Pfizer jab?

There is a difference between Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. Madrona requires the -20C for shipping, similar to a normal freeze. Meanwhile, Pfizer requires -75C, making transport logistics much more difficult.

So the Moderna require the second booster shot like Pfizer. Madrona’s second injection is given after 28 days of the first injection.

The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and if it approves the vast majority there, doses would be manufactured there. Meanwhile, Pfizer is being manufactured in some other countries too such as Belgium and Germany.

Moreover, some other countries have also ordered the Moderna vaccine. The Canadian government plans to get two million doses by march. The UK pre-ordered seven million doses. The European Union announced the contract of 80 million doses and the option to purchase 80 million more once approved safe and effective.

Japan has signed for 50 million doses, Switzerland 7.5 million, and Southern Korea 20 million. The US started his Covid-19 vaccination earlier this week after emergency approval by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and german partner BioNTech.

The very first person who receives the vaccination in the USA is new York nurse Sandra Lindsay. Footage of being vaccinated was displayed on the Twitter of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose state was the epicenter of the US epidemic in the first wave earlier this year.

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