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Lisa Boothe Biography, Plastic Surgery, Teeth, and Other Facts

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In this article, we will tell you about Lisa Marie Boothe. Her career, lifestyle, education, net worth, and physical appearance like Lisa Boothe’s Teeth look so beautiful and she has an amazing smile. Lisa was born on 3 February 1985.

She is a public commentator, Journalist, and also a republic communication strategist. Currently, she is working for the FOX news channel and is the founder of High Noon Strategies. Read the whole article to learn amazing facts and details about her.

Full Name Lisa Marie Boothe
Other Names Lisa, Lisa Marie, Lisa Boothe
Date of Birth 3rd February 1985
Age 38 years Old
Place of Birth Clifton, West Virginia, United States of America
Nationality American
Current place of living Miami, Florida, United States of America
Height 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight 55 kg (121Ib)
Profession Republic Strategist, Journalist, and public commentator
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Mother Dianne Marie
Father Jeffrey Ferris Boothe
Net Worth $10 Million

Early Life and Career

Lisa Boothe

Lisa Boothe was born on 3 February 1985. She was born in Clifton, Virginia in the United States. Her mother’s name is Dianne Marie and her Father’s name is Jeffrey Ferries Boothe. She completed her education in Political Science and Government from the University of Tennessee in 2007.

Lisa has a very different and unique desire for her career. She always dreamt of becoming an athlete. She never as a child thought to choose her career as a Television Personality or a Journalist. She is the sister of three brothers so to be in an all-boys environment her brother often called her to play lacrosse and hockey with them. She was greatly influenced by it and also wanted to be a hockey player.

Her family supported her and she was excellent in this field. She played very well in any sports game like hockey, lacrosse, and others. But maybe it was not her destination she got injured and then she changed her passion to some other career line. Another thing that she has an interest in is Politics and Journalism. She got her degree in politics.

She became a famous Podcaster, Journalist, and Political Analyst. Also affiliated with CNN. Now working on FOX News channel she joined FOX News in 2016. And she is also the founder of High Noon Strategies.

Lisa Boothe

Before joining FOX News she worked as Freelance Writer at Washington Examiner, and also as Senior Director at Black Rock Group, as Press Secretary Assistant, and also as Assistant Staff at the U.S. House of Representatives. She also worked for Three Political Leaders in 2013 such as Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito, Congresswoman Sandy Adams, and Congresswoman Mark Meadows.

Lisa is also doing Podcast the show name of ” The Truth With Lisa Boothe” on iHeartRadio. The podcast is very interesting. She often called many famous personalities like American Business Owners, Economists, and Politicians.

You can learn several things from podcasts as it is full of information with amazing style. She has already touched on many topics which are beneficial for society like Poverty, International Relations, Security issues, Politics, and Small Businesses.

Boothe is also related to the Nonprofit organization Turning Point USA, which is an Academic Institute. She worked on several recognizable things.

Personal Life

Lisa Marie Boothe has a beautiful family. Her mother’s name is Dianne Marie and her father’s name is Jeffrey Ferries Boothe. Her father is a well-known and successful lawyer but we don’t know about her mother’s profession.

She may be a housewife or a professional. She got journalism from her family as three of her brothers Ryan Jeffery, James Christopher Boothe, and Michael Robert are also public Commentators.

Physical Appearance

Lisa Boothe

Lisa Marie has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches which is 1.57 meters and 157 centimeters. She has beautiful brown eyes and also has brown hair. Lisa Boothe’s teeth also increase her beauty. She smiles beautifully. Her weight is approximately 55 kg and 121 Ibs.

Net Worth

Lisa is a strong, hard-working woman. She revealed her net worth and it was estimated that she has a net worth of 10 Million Dollars. She earns most of her money from broadcasting, journaling, advertising, and television work.

It was also estimated that her average annual salary is $600,000 fox news. She is also active on LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


She is a strong and hardworking Professional Person. She is the only sister of three brothers. Her dream was to become an athlete but got an ACL injury and left her dream of becoming a hockey athlete.

Then switched her career to journalism, in which she excelled greatly. Her pet dog’s name is Bella. Her residency is in Miami, Florida, United States. She does her best to maintain her public professional and private life balanced.


Does Lisa Boothe have a beautiful smile?

Yes, Lisa Boothe's teeth enhance her beautiful smile which gives her quite a beautiful appearance

What is Lisa Boothe’s Net Worth?

Lisa has a net worth of around 10 Million dollars

What is Lisa Marie’s date of Birth?

Lisa was born on 3 February 1985.

What is Lisa Boothe’s religion?

Lisa is Christian by religion.

Is Lisa Boothe married?

No, she is not yet married. She is single and keeps her love life private. So we don't have confirmed news about her relationship.

Who is Lisa Boothe?

Lisa Marie Boothe is an American Journalist also a public commentator and republican strategist. Currently, she is working on one of the top news channels i.e. FOX News channel.

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