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Two must read books on history to understand the patterns of future

must read books on history
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It is always believed studying the patterns that happened in the past and delving into history helps give insights on how the future is going to be. Because history tends to repeat itself in terms of fashion, culture, traditions of the most common examples of recent times, the virus outbreak. The Spanish flu which started in 1918 and lasted till 1920 is the most relevant example of history repeating itself.

Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary

Destiny Disrupted, written by the author Tamim Ansary talks about the impact that Islamic scholars and leaders had on the world. They made the world a little better place by contributing to art, literature and architecture. He proudly talks about the Islamic culture, its origin and its end in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.

Islamic culture originated in the sixth century and was propagated by Muhammad and his disciples throughout the Arabian Penisula. Over the years, the Islamic scholars practiced the teachings of Muhammad. They then decided to compile these teachings into a holy book called the Quran. In order to compile these teachings, muslim people had to leran to read and write.

As they became educated, they started getting influenced by Greek philosophers. This in turn increased their interest in mathematics, botany, chemistry, geology and medicine. Their interest in educational areas opened many more avenues for Muslim people. When more and more people started showing interests in these life sciences, the culture started flourishing and the empires saw immense growth.

But the hunger for power, and modern techniques led to the downfall of Islamic culture.  To top it off, Mongol invasion, Industrialization, World War 2 and rise of European culture brought a storm into otherwise peaceful Islamic culture.The Islamic culture slowly lost its charm by the end of the eighteenth century and by the early nineteenth century. Their teachings started changing because of which the people’s ideologies started changing.

Do you want to know in detail what brought an end to Islamic culture? If you want to do a detailed analysis on the impact of mongol invasion, industrialization, end of second world war, and rise of european power on Islamic culture, then you can read audiobook summaries which are available on various book summaries websites.

Marriage, a History by Stephanie Coontz

Marriage, a History written by Stephanie Coontz sheds light on the origin of marriage by our cave-dweller forefathers. It covers the transition from Stone Age marriages to modern day marriages.

In earlier times marriage was only viewed as a way to establish good relations in the society.  In history people were conditioned to believe that love is reserved only for families, Gods, and neighbours. Because of which people restricted themselves from falling in love. Due to the lack of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing people were seen fighting at all times. And since there was no government, no decorum to overcome this situation, they came up with a concept of marriage. Marriage acted as a way to establish peace between two enemies. Wives were termed as peace weavers in history. Now we hope you understand why.

It was in the middle of the 18th century and in the beginning of the 19th century, a period termed as the Victorian era when people started understanding the concept of romantic love. But the physical satisfaction in a marriage was not acceptable. Women were not allowed to even think about sexual desires while men were considered lustful beings. Therefore, men were asked to control their sexual desires. As a consequence, prostitution increased drastically.

The next came the Golden Age of marriage popularly known as the Post World war era. Times changed and with that the ideologies changed. People as young as 19 were preparing to get married.  The rule of patriarchy grew dramatically in this era. Men were considered superior as they were breadwinners and women were mere homemakers therefore treated as inferior. Gender roles and biases started taking a dramatic turn. People above the age of 21 started dreading that they will end up being single and hopeless forever. Getting married before the age of 21 became their life goal.

If you want to learn more about the earlier marriages and its impact on gender roles and biases, then you can read the audio summary of books from various book summary apps. Audio book summaries are becoming more and more trendy due to its time saving effect and strong entertainment value.

Coming to the recent times, the idea of marriage and romantic love has changed completely and we can proudly say, for the better. Modern marriages work on mutual respect and equal status. Now the lines defining the gender roles are getting blurred. Men and women have both become the breadwinners of the family. In many countries, both men and women contribute towards household chores and expenses.

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