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Is Jeon-Jun-Hyung Really BTS Member Jungkook’s Brother?

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BTS fans are wondering about the relationship of Jungkook with Jeon. Jeon-Jun-Hyung is actually the brother of Jungkook. He is a renowned South Korean personality not because of himself but due to the fame and popularity of his younger brother.

All the BTS Army is curious to know more about Jeon and is also interested in what type of bond both brothers have. To address all the concerns of our readers, we have come up with this article about this amazing personality.

We will cover all the basic details of Jungkook’s brother, from his early life to his current goals. Stay tuned with us.

Basic Info

Jeon-Jun-Hyung is a famous South Korean personality because of his younger brother. He is the elder brother of a member of a renowned singing band, BTS. He was born in Korea and is currently enjoying the Korean nationality.

According to some renowned online sources, his birth year is 1995. However, it is not a confirmed date. As of 2023, he is 26 years old and a handsome guy, 5 feet and 10 inches tall height. All these traits make him more charming and adorable among his fans.

Relationship with Junkook

Junkook and Jeon-Jun-Hyung share a deep bond of love and friendship. But like all the siblings, they are not seen together on-screen. This is due to their personal preferences.

According to the latest news in 2023, Junkook has gifted his adorable elder brother a luxurious apartment worth about 2 Million dollars. This clearly demonstrates Jungkook’s deep affection for his elder brother.

Jeon Jun is also one of the top members of the BTS Army. He also appreciates all the other members of BTS for sharing their beautiful sketches and art. This shows his intense love and support for his younger brother.Relationship with Junkook

Career Details

His career details are unknown to the public just because of his introverted personality, one knows what he does for a living.

However, some reputable resources have confirmed that Jeon Junhyung loves to paint, draw, and sketch. Basically, he is an artist who likes art in any way, whether it is handmade or digital.

It is really shocking that one brother is a singer while the other one is a creative artist who loves to invest in any kind of design field.

BTS Army is curious to know more about his career details, but unfortunately, we have not validated information till now. We will update our section about his career details as soon as we get more information about his professional life.

Moreover, all of the BTS Army is also anxiously wondering about whether Jeon Jun will join the BTS in the future or not.Jeon Jun-Hyung career

Public Appearances

Fans are highly anticipating seeing both brothers on stage, but till now, this has not happened. Resources have confirmed that Jeon Jung is a shy personality who avoids public places.

Interestingly, he only makes sure of his presence at the concerts of BTS just to give his brother an applause of appreciation. Both of them are entirely different from each other, as they both have different natures.

It’s strange that one brother is an active social personality while the other is hiding his identity and prefers to be off the screen. Anyhow, Junkook also respects his brother’s privacy and doesn’t talk about him much in public places.

Social Media Presence

Jeon Junhyung has an Instagram account with the username (jeon576). As of August 2023, he has 332K followers on this account.

He shares his different arts on his account and also expresses himself as a celebrated member of the BTS Army. However, he is not very active and does not have an active presence on any of his social media accounts.

He also had another previous account on Instagram with the username (JeOn920)with only 10K followers. This account is now deactivated due to some unknown reasons.

However, he is also not an active user, but somehow, these accounts helped his fans to get to know him in any way. Moreover, many accounts are present with his name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but all of these are fake. Some are also made by his fans, who share glimpses of his presence and appreciate his artwork.

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