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Add Watermark to PDF Free With PDFBear

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A watermark is a graphic, overlay, or text that is placed on top of a digital asset. To allow others to see the asset, the image is usually monochromatic and transparent. It is used to safeguard content and establish ownership of an asset. Without watermarks, valuable digital assets are vulnerable to theft or unauthorized use. When uploading or posting digital content to public servers or websites, anyone can save your asset with a simple right-click and save. It is entirely up to them how, where, and when they use it after that.

While various online services make it simple to add a watermark, not all of them provide the same level of security. PDFBear will provide you with the best service and quality when it comes to adding a watermark.

Add Watermark Tool of PDFBear

Add watermark to PDF free with PDFBear as it ensures the quality of your file. There are numerous websites where you can create watermarks for PDF documents. PDFBear is one of the best websites. It’s an online PDF tool that lets you customize PDFs in a variety of ways. You can change the font and transparency of your watermark as needed. With PDF watermark tools, you can also enjoy the greatest degree of flexibility.

You can avail of this watermark tool from any device that is connected to the internet. Upload, convert, download, share, and save your files whenever and wherever you want. High-level security 256-bit encryption technology will protect any file you upload. You can insert your watermark layered onto your PDF file using this PDF tool.

Anyone can add a watermark to a PDF file for free. There is no need to pay because PDFBear provides it for free. This site enables users to make use of their exceptional capabilities. Add a watermark to the PDF tool to help creators protect their work easily and comfortably. In just a few clicks, users can add text as a watermark to their document. One fantastic feature of this converter tool is the ease with which you can connect and share your work with friends, colleagues, or family. If you prefer to share it via a link, copy and paste the shareable link into the platform of your choice.

If you use PDFBear to cast your watermark on your document pages, your watermark will not be leaked to third parties. The website is encrypted using 256-bit encryption technology, which makes the process extremely secure. This keeps your document private until you send it to the recipient. This type of encryption technology also protects your use of the site’s other tools.

You can access that document using any device you have available, such as your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. It makes no difference what operating system you use on your device to access the file. You could be using one of four major operating systems: Linux, Mac, Windows, or Ubuntu. Each of these four operating systems can run the PDFBear system.

Process in Adding Watermark to PDF File

When adding the watermark, you must ensure that you have consistent Internet access. Navigate to PDFBear’s website. Select “Add watermark.” Drag and drop your files or open them by clicking the “Select file” button. Wait until you’re done uploading. Make a watermark in the Text area.

Choose the location where you want the watermark to appear. Simply apply and download the PDF file with your watermark.

Other Helpful Tools

1. Converter Tools

PDFBear is the best all-in-one PDF converter tool because it supports all available file formats for PDF conversion. You can convert them to PDF and vice versa, serving all of your PDF needs in vice versa. You can convert a file to PDF if it is in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or even images. The advantage of converting your Word documents to PDF files is that the formatting, such as spacing, columns, and indentation, will not be changed. It’s amazing how these useful tools are provided for free.

2. Split PDF

You discovered that there are unnecessary pages in your documents that need to be separated from the base PDF, or that it would be better if they were compiled in a different set after reviewing them. This is where split PDF comes in handy; you can separate specific pages from your base document and save them individually. You can use split PDF if you want to reduce file size and organize your PDFs further.

3. Delete PDF Pages

If you find some irrelevant pages in your documentation, you should delete them. PDFBear also provides the “Delete PDF Pages” option, which allows you to remove specific sections of your PDF. The procedure is similar to that of splitting a PDF, except that this time you permanently remove pages rather than saving them.

4. Protect PDF

You can also use the “Protect PDF” function to lock your documents with a unique and complex password. They will recommend unique characters to make your PDF more difficult to crack. By definition, PDFBear’s base security systems are nearly impossible to breach.

5. Unlock PDF

Some individuals struggle to remember their social media and webmail passwords. If you forget these passwords, you will have additional issues. Similarly, if you encrypt a password for your PDF, you may quickly forget the password, particularly if you do not open the file frequently. If the file does not possess any confidential information, decrypting it is the best option. If you want to decrypt your PDF file in the simplest way possible, you should use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool. This site offers the simplest and most direct steps for unlocking your PDF file.


Because today’s files in our digital world are not completely secure, we must use PDF files or other documents, even images. The thieves can steal information in other ways, such as editing or making videos of the documents.

As a result, using watermarking is one of the best ways to prevent important documents from being abused or copied by others. PDFBear is the best tool for adding a watermark to your files, converting them, and protecting them. It does more than just add a watermark; it also has a plethora of tools and features to match the specifications of your file.

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