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How to Set Up a Custom URL in Your Steam Profile!

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Are you ready to customize your “Steam Profile” with your URL? Then follow these steps to do your best.

Steam is the most famous online gaming platform for PC players, with an extensive library of titles and an erected-in social system allowing you to interact with your mates.

What is a Steam Custom URL?

A Steam Custom URL is a URL that goes after the steampowered.com section of the web address when someone visits your profile runner. People can see your profile to make you a friend request, view your accomplishments, offer a gift, or compare their profile to yours. You can indeed play together via the internet.

Because Steam lacks the unique display name on other platforms, you may have the same name as someone different. As a result, changing someone’s profile can be delicate because they frequently have the same display name as 20 or others.

To get around this, custom URLs are helpful since you can get the right person you’re pursuing by following a link with the custom URL.

Visiting the site to Customize Steam Custom URL

It is effortless to change your Steam custom URL through the site. And you can change it easily by following these ways.

  • First, log in to Steam after opening the website.
  • After clicking the display name in the top-right corner, click “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  • Then go to “Edit Profile” on the right-hand side of the screen, underneath your position.
  • Enter your preferred URL in the Custom URL bar.
  • Save it by going down to the bottom of the runner.
  • You’re free to change your custom URL as you like.

Customizing Your Steam Custom URL by Using the App

You can use the mobile app to modify your Steam custom URL. You should have the app installed on your tablet or phone for this.

Follow these simple ways to modify your URL via the app

  • On the top-left of the app, click on the burger menu.
  • Click on the name that is displayed at the top of the menu.
  • Tap Edit Profile beneath your position.
  • Then enter your preferred URL in the Custom URL bar.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your runner and valve. Save.

This is the best way to change your asked Steam custom URL using these styles.

Remember that you can change your Steam custom URL as frequently as you wish, but once you do, other friends will be suitable to use the custom URL you removed.

You can customize your Steam profile a lot and change your display name if you want to.

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