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How to Prepare Exams in College and High School

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Exam and class preparation don’t have to be complicated. Many straightforward techniques might help you learn how to study appropriately.

While not every technique will work for you, a little trial and error can help uncover the strategies. Even though nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned hard work, every little bit counts when it comes to boosting your college productivity.

Study Planning

Study Planning


The following study hacks make life easier for students by boosting productivity, boosting attention, assisting concentration, and removing distractions.

1-Gum chewing

Gum chewing stimulates the brain. Although scientists are unsure of the exact reason chewing gum improves concentration, they believe it is due to chewing, which keeps you alert and focused.

Chewing on your preferred flavor is a terrific study help because it doesn’t have any harmful side effects like coffee sometimes does. Its short lifespan is the only drawback. Save this hack for your material’s more challenging sections.

2-Control your focus

Your attention span can be an issue at times. With programs like SelfControl, you can prevent yourself from being sidetracked by websites, email, or anything else computer-related.

3- Eat

Students occasionally need to be reminded to take care of their basic bodily needs. Eat a balanced, healthy meal before studying. Also, bring a snack for studying, and like chewing gum, eating anything can help you stay alert and concentrate better.

4-Search the web

Search online for external study resources. You can use study materials from different universities that cover the same subject.

You can obtain tests from several institutions with questions relevant to your subject for the study practice by typing “site:Edu [your subject] exam” into Google. You might also find a layperson’s explanation of the subjects you’re studying on YouTube.

You can probably find a plethora of information with a fast search!

5-Memorizing strategies

Study Hacks

To aid your memory recall, include visual cues and colors in your notes to help you remember essential details. This concept comes from mind mapping, or thinking diagrams, which are considered considerably more helpful for learning than text-based notes.

Utilize various memory aids, such as notecards, etc. These tools are beneficial for memorizing strategies. Repeatedly testing yourself on the crucial details, information, or facts, you’re attempting to remember could be helpful—mnemonic Tools.

6-Rewrite your notes by hand

Rewrite your notes by hand if you want to be old-school. According to studies, rewriting them by hand improves learning compared to doing it on a computer, tablet, or laptop.


Yet another fundamental human need that regrettably needs to be mentioned. Get lots of sleep throughout your study session and the night before a test or quiz. To think clearly, your body needs to sleep.

One of the easiest ways to increase your score is to have a good night’s sleep, enhancing your capacity for rational thought. Your cognitive function and, by extension, your test-taking skills are affected by sleep.

8-Early study

Instead of cramming the night before, start studying early. Nobody ever cramps on purpose; instead, it happens due to insufficient preparation.

Poor preparation frequently results in a domino effect. Because of time restrictions, convenience, necessity, etc., other negative behaviors, like forgetting to eat, start to follow suit.

9-Change settings

Try different study conditions. According to studies, having a designated study space is no longer advantageous. When you repeatedly gravitate toward the same area, your mind unconsciously pairs the material with your atmosphere.

This implies that you would perform at your best on the exam if you were always in the exact location. Your mind will adjust to the test-taking environment more readily if you modify your environment.

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