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Good reasons to use diaphragmatic breathing in everyday life

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People around the world continue in increasing numbers and look at ways to increase their health to a better standard in many ways. Some sensibly look at changing their diet, to lose weight and benefit from protein and look after their organs.

Heading to a gym continues to be popular, with the purchasing of similar equipment found in fitness centres on the increase in the home, while many take to the parks to jog or run, with team sports still attracting great numbers of participants. All are good ways to improve general health, but everyone in everyday life will benefit through diaphragmatic breathing for many good reasons.

  • Research carried out by an expert team of professionals with 40 years of experience, dedicated to helping others live healthily through their breathing. They have looked at the breathing health issues faced by people around the world and have come up with the best solutions to help as many as possible feel good every day.
  • The intensive studies carried out have concluded that it makes a huge difference whether we breathe out of our mouths or nose. It is something everyone takes for granted, yet breathing is the most important function the body performs, far more than having to take in food or water. And even more so than knowing how to prevent and treat gum disease, useful though that information might be.
  • Breathing is done in two ways, either up and down by lengthening and shortening the chest cavity or by front and back when increasing and decreasing the chest diameter. The up-and-down breathing is controlled by the diaphragm, a dome-shaped large sheet of muscle that works like a piston as it goes down to inhale air before going up to expel air, generally through the nose.
  • This is called diaphragmatic breathing, and it has many advantages over chest breathing, not least having a far greater efficiency for taking in oxygen. It allows for more air to pass through the bottom of the lungs where there is more blood. When the diaphragm is used fully, more oxygen can be sent to the blood keeping it healthier. Such techniques for a healthier life can be used when enjoying the splendours of a national park.
  • Other benefits come from using diaphragmatic breathing, which includes helping the mind by feeling calm and relaxed which leads to good mental health as the heart rate is also lowered. It increases core stability and maintains a good posture, while also assisting lymphatic drainage which improves immune systems.
  • While diaphragmatic breathing will improve health, the value of chest breathing should not be underestimated, particularly in situations where a sudden burst of breathing is required, such as during sport or when survival is threatened.

In everyday life, diaphragmatic breathing will increase good health and mind, as it allows for the lungs to be fully utilised which offers benefits to how those using it look and feel as they remain calmer and have a better posture which in turn avoids further aches and pains.

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